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Malawi Travel Guide

Malawi, Travel Guide – General Presentation

Nyasaland or Malawi is a country situated in southeast of Africa near the beautiful lake that bears the same name. Just like any other country from the continent, it was once a British colony, gaining its freedom only a few years ago, in 1964. Since then, the country has been ruled by a president and a vice-president, being considered a multi-party democracy. It has been a difficult start since it became an independent country, trying to function on its own, but facing major problems such as: healthcare, education, economy and environment protection. However, the year 2005 seems to have been a lucky one for this newly born Malawi, as its situation has been improving significantly.

You will meet a large diversity of people, ranging from Europeans to Asians and Africans, and this mixture of cultures has lead to creation of several languages spoken and many religious beliefs. The official language is considered English, due to the country’s past, but in any Malawi Travel Guide you will look, you will observe that there is also a recognized regional language called Chicewa.

Malawi, Travel Guide – Places to Visit

Even if it is a poor country, only at the beginnings of its development, Malawi has some amazing places that will literally astound you. The first one and the most famous is Lake Malawi, or Calendar Lake. The place will open up to your eyes as an amazing sea, without tides and small islands that will make you grab the nearest boat to go and discover what secrets or treasures are hidden there. The beach is also perfect for getting a perfect tan, golden sand, blue and fresh water and exotic palm trees. The place will make you wonder whether Eden looked this way, as the crystal clear water will reveal the largest number of fish species in the entire world. As it is a high tourist attraction, the locals offer a large variety of water sports giving you the chance to visit the amazing bays.

Right to the south of Lake Malawi, you should make your next stop. Just rent a car and visit the exciting Liwonde National Park. The park is crossed by a beautiful river, comming out of Lake Malombe and attracting thousand of tourist annually: The Shire River. It is here that you will get to see Africa’s rich fauna that you had the chance to admire only on TV.

Any Malawi Travel Guide will proudly present you all these amazing places of this beautiful country, making you want to come back some day and see the progress done over the years.


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