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Senegal Travel Guide
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Senegal Travel Guide

Senegal, Travel Guide – General Presentation

Senegal is located in the west of Africa, in the south part of the Senegal River. Its neighbors are the Atlantic Ocean to the west and other African countries at the rest of the borders. Dakar is the capital of this exotic country, situated on Cape Verde peninsula. The official language spoken here is French together with a number of dialects: Wolof, Soninke, Seereer-Siin, Fula, Maninka, Diola and the country is a semi - presidential republic. As it has been a French colony, Senegal has longtime been influenced by the French culture, that helped her grow into what it is today. It gained its independence quite recently, still learning how to manage this freedom.

Senegal’s major cities are: Touba, Thiès, Kaolack, M'Bour, Saint-Louis, Rufisque and Ziguinchor and the local currency is: CFA franc.

Senegal, Travel Guide – Places to Visit

Just like in any other holiday trip, you should definitely begin your adventure trough this African country in its capital: Dakar. Due to its favorable location on the west limit of the continent, this city has gone through a period of development, especially in the area of commerce, being also an important port. It is here that not only the major boats arrive, but also the airplanes belonging to the main flight companies from Europe land in this beautiful capital of Senegal. Any Senegal Travel Guide will brag with the fact that Dakar is the stopping point of South Africa for all the international flights, especially the one coming from Europe.

After getting some rest, you should start your discovery of this amazing city with a walk along the ocean or you can simply admire the exotic architecture of the buildings that seem to watch carefully the busy streets. You can make a long stop in the markets, where you will find everything your heart desires for your dear ones.

The next day, rent a car and visit the amazing Ile de Goree, located just 2 miles away from Dakar. This place has an important historical meaning, as it represents the location where the Black slaves emigrated to America from.

After browsing carefully Senegal Travel Guide, you cannot possibly choose not to visit Saint Louis, or locally called Ndar, situated in the north-west of the country. It will offer you a breathtaking landscape, due to its position at the mouth of the Senegal River and right on the land that goes into the Atlantic Ocean.

I am sure that after leaving this exciting country you will take with you beautiful memories and the thought of coming back one day.


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