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Gambia Travel Guide
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Gambia Travel Guide


Gambia reveals captivating sceneries with exotic beaches, the luxuriant Gambia Valley with a vivid nature, rich wildlife and some of the most hospitable people ever.

Gambia – Geography

Gambia, the smallest country from the African continent, is represented by a narrow piece of land along the Gambia River, with an 80 km opening to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. The local topography is marked by the flood plain of the Gambia River surrounded by medium sized hills and by the sandy Atlantic shore. Due to location and low elevation the country has a tropical climate with two seasons: a hot and dry season and a cool and wet one, making it a great destination all year around.

The local hydrographic network is represented only by tributaries of the Gambia River, the country having no lakes or waterfalls. The coast is marked by the presence of sand dunes, golden sand beaches and clear water lagoons.

Gambia – Flora and Fauna

The Gambian flora and fauna is diverse and abundant, represented by savannah areas, mangrove forests, baboons, monkeys, the Nile crocodile and more. Any of these natural beauties can be admired in the Kiang West National Park, Abuko National Reserve, River Gambia National Park and other protected areas.

Gambia – Tips for Tourists

If you decide for Gambia as your holiday destination you must take into account that a visa is required for every foreign citizen and should be bought before departure. For traveling here you need a valid passport and must also check with you physician about the necessary immunization before leaving.

The official language is English, due to the fact that Gambia is a former British colony, and the regional currency is the Dalasi which can be converted in all border cities and in the capital city of Banjul.

Gambia – Transport

The country’s transport infrastructure is not very well developed; still there are several important paved roads, an important airport and port. In order to get here the fastest and safest is by air and the main airport here is the Banjul International Airport, a busy and modern airport served by numerous international airlines, linking the country with the rest of the world. Inland tourists can travel by car, by boat on Gambia River which is navigable on about 300 km distance or by bush taxis which are the only means of public transport.

The country’s main port to the Atlantic Ocean, which is also the capital city, is Banjul.

Gambia – Resorts

Though small, the country has numerous tourist attractions, a rich cultural heritage and one of the safest countries in the area offering decent accommodation no matter the destination.

For a relaxing vacation near the Atlantic shores you can choose the Safari Garden Hotel in Fajara, a beautifully decorated hotel, with spacious room, verandah, outdoor pool, only ten minutes away from the beach and from nearby rustic fishing villages.

For a more active vacation you can stay at the Bird Safari Camp, a wonderful place near a forest, 300 km up the river. You can stay in traditional round huts or in a safari tent and have all the necessary facilities like bathroom and electricity, all eco friendly of course. A trip of this kind can be very rewarding because people are extremely friendly and nature is unique. Here tourists can learn how to play the drums and meet the local traditions, visit the nearby villages, go fishing or simply enjoy the wonderful sounds of the forest.

Gambia - Cuisine

Gambian cuisine is a mixture of many different influences, especially Arabic and British and also very similar to the Senegalese one. The main ingredients of the traditional dishes are the cassava, different types of meat, fish, local vegetables and fruits and many spices.

The most representative local dishes are the benachin, rice with fish and vegetables, domoda, rice with meat stew and peanut puree, superkanja, a stew with okra, fish and vegetables and chicken Yassa, chicken meat cooked with lemon and spices.

For any tourist that wants to visit this country the encounter will surely impress and determine him to come again. Pristine beaches, clear water of the ocean, vivid wildlife and the great climate makes Gambia one of the most wanted holiday destinations.


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