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Lesotho Travel Guide
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Lesotho Travel Guide

Lesotho, Travel Guide – General Information

Nothing would be more exciting for you than to choose an unconventional tourist destination: the African country of Lesotho. Thus, you can first browse Lesotho Travel Guide and you will find out that it is the southernmost landlocked country in the world, being completely surrounded by South Africa. Just like San Marino or Vatican, it is a small country, covering only 30,000 km².

Lesotho represents the only independent country in the world that is located at major height above the sea level, therefore, take into consideration the problems you might be having with the high pressure. However, you can see the bright aspect of this problem, which is that the temperature is lower than in the other African countries, due to the high altitude. In May and September you can even find snow and on the higher peaks you might find snow all year-round.

Lesotho, Travel Guide - Places to Visit

Maseru, or the place of red sandstone, is perfect for the start of you holiday here. Besides the fact that it represents the capital of the city, it is also the main tourist destination for travelers coming from all over the world. In the North -Western part of this city you will have the time of your life exploring the Maluti Mountains. If you are more into the cultural aspect of this country, then you should definitely visit the south western part of Maseru, where you will find major sites telling the story of an agitated and glorious past.

Right in its vicinity there is the Central Highlands, a spectacular area offering breathtaking views of lakes and frames of nature. It is here that the important Highland Water Project, created in order to bring more electricity and water for this African country, is being unfolded. You will discover thus not only amazing views of the local landscape, but you will enrich you general knowledge with a variety of species of birds that have built their nests in these places.

And last but not least, you cannot possibly miss the Roof of Africa, or the east part of Lesotho. You will most surely admire the most dramatic valleys you have ever seen in your life, while in the little villages that have dared to protect their inhabitants, you will make acquaintance with the local culture and the people living here.

Lesotho Travel Guide will recommend you some other amazing places to visit, such as: Morija, Maletsunyane Falls/Semonkong, Quthing, Mohales Hoek, Malealea, Sebapala Valley and Letsie Lake.


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