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Ghana Travel Guide
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Ghana Travel Guide

Ghana, Travel Guide – General Information

If the majority of tourists choose as their holiday destination famous cities and places from all over the world, especially Europe, Asia and America, don’t you want to break all these patterns and live the most unconventional experience of your life, visiting the undiscovered but amazing country of Ghana?

Because you won’t find too much information about this exotic place, gather some information first from any Ghana Travel Guide that you can find and prepare every step of your adventure.

Ghana is located in the west of Africa, having in its vicinity the Gulf of Guinea with whom it has a very close history. The name Ghana stands for “Warrior King”, making reference to the numerous and important kings that ruled this place. In the 19th century, it was conquered by the British troops and transformed into a colony that is why even now Ghana is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The official language is English, which will make your plans and stay even easier and the local currency is Ghanaian cedi.

Ghana, Travel Guide – Places to Visit

Once you enter this tropical environment, you will be mesmerized by the smell of salty water and exotic fruits. The large number and variety of beaches will cover all tastes and requirements and will make you forget about the stress you left behind at home. At Labadi Beach you will come across a meat market, where you can buy everything you need for a delicious meal. The water is perfect and the sand silky and hot.

Another perfect place for a sunbath is Kokrobite Beach, located just one hour away from the capital of this beautiful country, Accra. The latter one is better kept and there is a larger variety of services.

On the other hand, don’t forget to enrich your general culture with any information you can gather about these people. The place you can start doing this is, of course, the largest city in the country, Accra. The capital is located on the southern coast, being the center of everything that means Ghana civilization.

Among some amazing places that you will find in any Ghana Travel Guide, there are: Perpetual Flame at the Cenotaph in Revolution Square, the National Museum, the Liberation Square, the tropical gardens and the Art Centre.

This amazing country will not only mesmerize you with its beauties, but it will also make you want to come back as soon as possible to have new amazing experiences.


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