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Sierra Leone Travel Guide
Sierra Leone Travel Guide
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Sierra Leone Travel Guide

Sierra Leone, Travel Guide – General Presentation

What could be more exciting and adventurous than to make acquaintance with a small African country with friendly people and wild nature? If you are willing to accept this challenge, then you should definitely start browsing a Sierra Leone Travel Guide. This country is located in the West of Africa, covering a small area of approximately 72,000 km2. As Sierra Leone is situated near the Tropics, you will meet here a large diversity of landscapes, ranging from rainforests to savannahs.

Its name stands for “Lion Mountains”, given by the Portuguese explorer who visited this beautiful country. However, it soon fell under British domination and managed to regain its independence only in the late 2000, after wars that seemed endless.

Thus, the official language is English and the local currency is Leone.

Sierra Leone, Travel Guide – Places to Visit

After gathering some essential information from a complete Sierra Leone Travel Guide, start your holiday in the country’s largest city and chief port, Freetown. The capital is situated on the Sierra Leone Peninsula, offering spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean coast. This city was a final destination for the freed slaves.

The surroundings tell the story of an agitated but glorious past and the exotic and bright colored streets will most certainly win your admiration.

The next stop on your list should be another large town, this time situated in the north of Sierra Leone, Kabala. It is situated at a 4 hour distance away from the capital. It will offer to you a breathtaking rural landscape and you will most certainly find out more about how agriculture is being done here and how the locals explore the riches of the terra.

If you are more into enjoying the beautiful beaches and islands of the country, then you have a wide variety to choose from. First, you can start with Sierra Peninsula, where the capital is situated, then you can continue with Sulima, located between Mano River and Moa River, the latter being also a perfect place for surfing lovers. Another great place would be a group of islands, called Turtle Islands. Here you will enrich your knowledge about the various fishing communities and you will get the chance to take a close look at the beautiful turtles living here. Other such amazing beaches and islands are: Turners Peninsula and Banana Islands.

You will leave this place taking with you not only beautiful memories, but also the big surprise that this small African country has so much to offer.


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