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Botswana Travel Guide
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Botswana Travel Guide

Botswana, Travel Guide – General Presentation

The Republic of Botswana is situated in South Africa, being bordered in the south by South Africa, in the west and north by Namibia and in the northeast by Zimbabwe. When it gained its independence from the Commonwealth, in 1966, Botswana was one of the poorest countries in Africa, mainly due to its landscape that is predominantly deserted. Nowadays it is one of the most rapid developing countries in the world, because its economy is closely related to South Africa, popular for its diamonds deposits and flourishing tourism.

The official language here is English and Setswana and the local currency is Pula.

Botswana, Travel Guide – Places to Visits

Botswana Travel Guide will advise you to begin your journey in the heart of this exotic country, more precisely, with its capital Gaborone. It is here that the most important events take place, the most luxurious restaurants and hotels are being opened and the most interesting mixture of cultures and people are present.

In Gabs, as locals often call it, you can enjoy a traditional beverage in an amazing outdoor area, with monkeys chasing one another and children trying to catch them.

Sanitas. Mokoli Nature Reserve is located at just a few kilometers away from town and it is a great place to visit if you want to find out more about the country’s flora and fauna. You can bring some food with you to feed the orphan cheetahs, then you can pay for a horse riding or you can have a picnic right in the heart of this amazing scenery.

If you are more into finding out about the story of a glorious past, then you should see the “old village”, where the old fort and ruins of the old Government Rest House can still be visited. However, you cannot possibly leave this unique country without making acquaintance with Tswana tribes. It will most certainly be one of the most exciting encounters of your life, as you will get to see how this people managed to survive and tame a wild nature.

The welcoming people, the exotic and interesting landscape together with a diversified flora and fauna will most certainly make you want to come back for your next holiday. Just gather some information from Botswana Travel Guide and continue your discovery of this alluring country. I am so sure you will not regret your decision!


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