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Djibouti Travel Guide
Djibouti Travel Guide
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Djibouti Travel Guide


Djibouti will impress you with its unique rocky lands, salt lakes, untouched beaches and coral islands, a beautiful place to spend a captivating holiday with friends and family.

Djibouti – Geography

Djibouti has a quite monotone topography represented by a rocky plateau and a central mountain range that reaches 2028m in its highest peak, Moussa Ali Mountain. The harsh arid climate and the rough terrain are the main elements that describe the general Djiboutian landscape. Lands are fertile in a very low percentage and the fresh water resources are located beneath the country’s landmass. There are no permanent flow rivers here due to extreme draught but one can find salt lakes, the most representative being Lake Assal, located 155 beneath the sea level.

The surface of the country is subject to frequent earthquakes and severe draughts, thus a very harsh place to live. Still, the country’s location to the Gulf of Aden is a strong advantage, this area being a much transited one by commercial ships.

The coastal region is well known for its sandy and rocky beaches, a popular place for tourists looking for a relaxing vacation by the sea. The country’s Moucha and Seven Brothers islands are also a favorite vacation spot for tourists.

Djibouti – Flora and Fauna

The country’s flora is mainly made up of draught resistant plants, small areas of forests and salt loving species. Fauna is also strongly linked to local topography represented by species of hyenas, rare species of birds migrating from colder parts of the Globe, the Nile crocodile and more.

Djibouti is also a country concerned about the environment’s protection and it has three protected areas: the Day Forest National Park, the Djibouti National Park and Yoboki National Park, open for tourists.

Djibouti – Tips for Tourists

For a trip to Djibouti you must know that usually a visa and a valid passport are required. The travelers are also advised to check with a local embassy or consulate office in order to receive the most accurate information. Certain immunizations are also required when entering the country so you should visit you physician before leaving.

The local currency is the Franc and can be converted in any bank, hotel or exchange office form the capital city of Djibouti City or other important town.

Djibouti – Transports

The country can be reached by all means of transport but easiest by plane, arriving at Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport. For inland transport you can choose to travel by car, renting a car from one of the local companies, by bus or by train. The ferry services are also available from all of the ports like Djibouti and Doraleh.

Djibouti – Resorts

Most of the tourists visiting Djibouti come here for the pristine beaches, the Red Sea, cultural tours or to visit the salt lakes and the mountainous areas.

If you are looking for a place to stay in the capital city, then Hotel Residence De L’Europe is a fine choice. The hotel offers three stars facilities including car rental, meeting facilities, tennis court and more. It is a good choice even if you have children; the hotel offers private playground and other facilities for kids.

For an adventurous vacation on one of the Djiboutian islands the best choice would be to sleep in a tent directly on the sand so you will not miss any beautifully colored sunset or sunrise and you will get the chance to enjoy more of the captivating landscape. If you are not so adventurous you can choose among the few local beach villas, offering simple accommodation in clean rooms and having a spectacular view.

Djibouti - Cuisine

Djiboutian cuisine is a mix of African, Arab and French influences with main ingredients like seafood, many kinds of meat, Indian spices, local vegetables and more. Some of the most popular dishes here are the doro, a stew made of chicken meat with many spices, fah-fah, spicy boiled beef and samboussa, a sort of pastry filled with a combination of meat, onions, and leeks.

For anyone interested in choosing an unconventional vacation destination like Djibouti, this country will surely offer you a great time, meeting new cultures and visiting interesting places.


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