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Mauritania Travel Guide
Mauritania Travel Guide
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Mauritania Travel Guide

Mauritania, Travel Guide – General Information

Mauritania is located northwest of the African continent, having as neighbors: the Atlantic Ocean, Senegal, Mali, Algeria and Western Sahara. It is one of the largest countries in the world, having almost the same size as Egypt.

The landscape is not so rich in vegetation, a big part of its area being covered by desert and semi desert. There is also a coastal region with beautiful beaches washing the border of the Atlantic Ocean, but once you move to the heart of the country, moving sand dunes will remind you about the dry climate of this unique country.

The Islamic religion is predominant and the official language is Arabic and French, but you can also hear dialects, such as: Pulaar, Soninke, Wolof.

All tourists are required a passport, except for people from Western Sahara who don’t need a visa.

Mauritania, Travel Guide - Means of Transport

If you choose to arrive in Mauritania by plane, you will land on Nouakchott International Airport. From here, you can find flights to Paris, Dakar and Abidjan. Any Mauritania Travel Guide will recommend you to rent a car rather than take a taxi, as the prices are really high. Besides that, this country has open borders with three of its neighbors: Mali, Senegal and Western Sahara. You should keep in mind that there are no trains that circulate outside the country, so the car can be the only option, if you want to see some other African countries.

Mauritania, Travel Guide - What to Do/Visit

This amazing country is famous for the traditional handicrafts. You can find beautiful souvenirs to take home to your dear ones from Marche Capital or Marche Sixieme in Nouakchott. You can choose from a wide variety of products ranging from pipes, leather products, pots and jewelry at a really good price. However, you should bargain over the price, as the sellers will most certainly tell you the highest price first.

After a relaxing day of shopping, you should continue your discovery of Mauritania with Nouakchott, Mauritania’s capital. It is here that you will find everything you need to know about the culture and history of this exotic country and you will make acquaintance with the welcoming locals. Make sure not to shake hands with women as this is considered inappropriate; however, you can say "Salam alaykum", which means “Hello”, and put your hand over your heart.

Don’t forget to take a trip to the amazing deserts, but first gather all the information from a Mauritania Travel Guide and then continue your discovery of this unique country.


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