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Belize Travel Guide
Belize Travel Guide
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Belize Travel Guide

Belize travel guide

Belize is the perfect getaway to enjoy fabulous white sand beaches, the ruins of ancient Maya temples, exotic rainforests, coral islands and many more. In a few words, what you can find here is a piece of heaven.

Belize travel guide – Geography

Located on the eastern coast of Central America, in the Caribbean Sea, having borders with Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is the perfect spot for an exotic vacation. It offers different landscapes from the Maya Mountains in the south with the highest peak in the country, Victoria Peak 1122m, the low lands in the north to the keys and atolls in the Caribbean Sea.

Belize has also a few islands, among which the largest is Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker which is a limestone coral island, Laughing Bird Caye and others.

Due to its location Belize has a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons, temperatures varying according to season and elevation making the highlands in south and the coast line to have moderate temperatures and the inland to be hotter.

Historically, Belize is the home of Maya civilization, one of the top tourist attractions here and was later discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502.

Belize travel guide – Flora and Fauna

As a consequence of its warm and humid climate Belize has one of the world’s richest flora and fauna. The numerous species of mahogany, logwood, orchids, etc and also wildlife are protected into national reserves like Columbia River Forest Reserve, Rio Bravo Conservation Area and others. Among wildlife the main species are the cats, monkeys, reptiles, amphibians and birds.

Belize travel guide – Tips for Tourists

If you choose to spend your vacation in Belize you must know that you need a valid passport, a return ticket to your country and visa for some countries. Also if you want to stay longer you have to require an extension after a month here. You have to check with you physician before leaving to Belize because there are also immunizations that are required here.

The regional currency is the Belizean Dollar but if you bring US dollars you do not have to worry about changing money.

Belize travel guide – Transport

You can come to Belize by land, sea or air. Most of the tourists arrive here by air or sea, through the main ports Belize City, Cay Caulker, Punta Gorda and main international airports Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport Big Creek Airport and others. Traveling by sea is usually made between the land and the other islands or by scheduled ferries from the neighbor countries. Transport by air is made by all major airline companies connecting Belize to all major cities in the world.

Inland you can travel using rent a car services or by bus.

Belize travel guide – Resorts

Though small, this country offers a multitude of activities, landscapes, and facilities in order to satisfy even the most demanding guests. Once decided to visit Belize you can choose among the various accommodation offers, from the most luxurious ones to the most picturesque ones. Kanantik Reef & Jungle Belize Resort is an ecotourism resort, the perfect place to relax on a 1300 feet private beach, surrounded by abundant vegetation and in the same time protecting the environment.

Belize Odyssey Resort is an ocean side hotel nearby the ruins of the Altun Ha Mayan temple. Besides the great facilities the hotel offers, you can visit the Mayan sites nearby or have boat trips to the Belize Barrier Reef or other scuba dive and snorkeling sites.

For a combination of beaches and lush jungle you should choose Millers Landing. Located in the Placencia Peninsula, far from the roar of the cities this resort offers a great landscape and various activities from the relaxing lying on the beach, go fishing, hiking in the nearby jungle, visiting the Jaguar Preserve and wonderful waterfalls.

No matter what you will choose, Belize will offer you the most magic holiday moments ever. It is the perfect vacation destination for kayakers, snorkels, explorers, bird watchers, cavers and many more.

Belize travel guide – Cuisine

Belizean cuisine is a combination of different influences as a result of the country’s multiculturalism. Some of the dishes served here are the tortillas that is flat bread made of corn or wheat and eaten with cheese, vegetables or eggs, rice and beans, panades which is maize with beans or fish, escabeche which is onion soup and many more. Some of the traditional ingredients are the beans, chicken and turkey meat, fish and seafood, coconut milk and tropical fruits.

All these traditional dishes can be found in any Belizean restaurant at quite low prices together with international cuisine dishes. In family mealtime is very important reuniting the members of the family.

Tourism in Belize is an industry so you can be sure that you will be welcomed here better than anywhere else. Almost everybody speaks English and receives guests with open arms. Belize is one of the few destinations with people concerned for the environment, for preserving their impressive natural legacy as much as possible.


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