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Chile Travel Guide

Chile, Travel Guide- Geography

Chile is a territory consisting of a strip of land, with a length of 4160 kilometers, with and an average width of 175 kilometers. The country is located on the coast of South American Pacific Ocean and its capital is Santiago. Chile’s relief consists of three parallel strips: Cordiliera de la Costa, a chain of coastal mountains, a central depression, with arid pampas in the north and a plain with rich vegetation in the south. The Andes are located in the east of Chile, and they have an elevation which often goes above 6000 meters. The Puna de Atacama plateau, one of the driest deserts in the world, is located in the north.

The climate is very diverse, due to the great length of the country. We find a subtropical and desert climate in the north, oceanic in the center and alpine tundra in the south. It is worth mentioning the fact that the famous Easter Island is a special territory of Chile. In the next sections of the Chile Travel Guide we will take a brief look at various aspects concerning this wonderful country.

Chile, Travel Guide-Economy

The Chilean industry has been dominated by the copper manufacturing sector. Since the 1940s, the industry has known a tremendous increase, which led Chile’s economy to the top positions in Latin America. In 1970, efforts were made in order to increase the efficacy of the agricultural sector and minimize the quantity of imported food, and after a rough start, the Chilean agriculture began to develop.

Chile, Travel Guide-Attractions

Chile is a country with endless touristic possibilities. In the north, you can visit San Pedro de Atacama, where you can visit. If you are fond of skiing, in the Central Andes there are ski resorts with international reputation. In the south, you should not miss Patagonia, with its splendid landscapes and glaciers, and also Torres del Paine National Park. Valparaiso, a central port, is also very popular, because of its unique architectural style. But by far the most well-known attraction is Easter Island, which never ceases to amaze visitors.

Chile, Travel Guide-Cuisine

The Chilean cuisine is a unique mix of Andean, Spanish, European and Middle Eastern cuisines. The territory’s long shore adds a large amount of sea products to the menu. Due to the immense diversity present in Chilean cuisine, this national gastronomy was divided in three specific zones: North, Central Coast and South. Each area has its specific ingredients, such as poultry, beef, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Some of the most popular dishes in Chile are the Curanto, Murta con membrillo, Panqueques verde, Sopaipilla de Zapallo and Longaniza.

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