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Cayman Islands Travel Guide
Cayman Islands Travel Guide
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Cayman Islands Travel Guide

The three tiny Cayman Islands are British Overseas territories, although they may be a bit far off mother England. The three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are scattered in the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, just south of Cuba. The islands are quite popular tourist destinations, especially for Britts longing to escape the cloudy skies of their homelands, and North-Americans in search of exotic locations. Compared to other Caribbean countries, and even the rest of the globe, Cayman Islands are very well-off. You can find upscale seafood restaurants, five star hotels and exquisite beaches, as well as bohemian beach huts, fast-food stands that serve delicious local specialties and generally cheap fun. Divers love the Caymans for their crystal clear waters and their breathtaking coral reefs. This Cayman Islands Travel Guide offers a brief description of this amazing holiday destination.

Cayman Islands Travel Guide - Climate and Landscape

As befitting their exotic island fame, the climate of the Caymans is tropical. If you happen to visit the islands in summer, expect some rainy but not excessively hot summers. Winter are dry and cool, and if you’re interested more in sightseeing than beach-going it’s better to you plan your holiday for the winter months. If you are bothered by tropical cyclones, you should keep in mind that July through November is hurricane season. The landscape of the islands is low and smooth, the highest peak in all three islands is at an elevation of 43 meters. The islands are surrounded by rich coral reefs that offer some great scuba diving opportunities. Grand Cayman is the largest and most populous island of the trio and it hosts the capital of the islands, George Town. Other popular destinations in the Caymans are West Bay, Bodden Town and East End.

Cayman Islands Travel Guide – Culture and Cuisine

The Caymans, previously called the Tortugas, were a British colony until 1962 when they became an overseas territory. The British have influenced many aspects of the culture and the most relevant example is the official language of the islands, English. A very important aspect of their culture is religion. Most of the inhabitants are Christians, and on Sunday shops are closed and transport may be limited.

This Cayman Islands Travel Guide recommends that you try some of the islands’ traditional cuisine. Seafood is widespread and very affordable, and you can find some local specialties such as conch and turtle. The cuisine of the Caymans resembles somewhat the cuisine of Jamaica, in that it uses coconut, yams, cassava and rice. There are numerous restaurants on the islands where you can find both local dishes and international ones.


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