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  • Top 5 Most Fun Roller Coasters All Along the USA

    Have you ever felt like escaping as fast as possible from the routine of your daily life? Has the idea of a non-conformist vacation already crossed your mind? If it has, there are many ways in which you can spice up a little bit your every-day existence. Many people seek for a vacation at the seaside, picturing themselves with a golden tan on the beach or at the mountains breathing the fresh air and skiing or snowboarding. But what’s the recipe for a more thrilling and crazy vacation? People who have been in an amusement park and have ridden a roller coaster just for one time, claim it is the best way to get your heart pumping and feel more alive than ever.

  • Greece: Travel Planner

    Karphatos Greece

    Karphatos Greece

    As children, we all used to enjoy fairy tales and myths which all related extensively the power of the main characters and other magical beings. Nowadays, as time passed by, legends seem more far away, in a distant place, not very reachable. Nevertheless, in spite of our coming of age, there’s one place on Earth where myths and goddesses are very much alive and still in the limelight… like in Greece. Here, at the southernmost part of Europe, you witness a crossroads of cultures and civilizations, a land of beauty and living arts.

    Greece shares its remarkable landscapes with the Greek Islands that represent one fifth of the country’s area and are thought to be a destination that most tourists seek for. Hence, any trip to Greece should be shaped as a delicious periplus through beauty and wonders.

  • China: Travel Planner



    China is on the road to the first position when it comes to tourism. Over the last few decades, the tourism has flourished in this Asian country mainly because for 25 years in a row the Chinese customs had been closed. Only previously selected visitors were allowed to see the hidden beauty of the People’s Republic of China. Nowadays, many people crave for a tour in this country due to the unique and dazzling mixture of civilization, architecture and natural scenery. In the entire world there is nothing comparable to the landmarks of China. For example, the fame of the Great Wall of China has made the tour of the world. It is without any doubt China’s most impressive symbol. Moreover, it gives the tourists a hint regarding the Chinese’s character: they are not only well-organized, hard-hearted and skilful, but also hard-working.

  • The Philippines: Travel Planner

    Nowadays, millions of tourists from all the corners of the world choose as a holiday destination the exotic Philippines. Still, what pushes this Asian country on the first place in the top of the travelers’ preferences? What are this country’s secret weapons? Some of the foreign tourists who have already visited this country claim it’s the eclectic scenery, the greenery and the elegant seaside resorts that make the difference. Others, dreamier, assert the sun rises and sets down in seven thousand different, yet colourful ways every day, referring to the number of islands the Philippines is composed of. Our explanation is simple! The Philippines has it all: starting with sensational beaches, continuing with Mount Apo and the Chocolate Hills and ending with the frenetic metropolis scattered all over the archipelago.

  • Norway: Travel Planner



    Is Norway on your touristic agenda? It’s high time you plan a tour in the Scandinavian country where Vikings used to rule many centuries ago. Make the most of it by following our travelling guide. We provide you with the finest destinations in the country, highly situated on each tourist’s radar. You should definitely start by spending a few days in the capital city of the country, Oslo.

  • Egypt: Travel Planner

    You have probably seen many pictures of the Pyramids.  Provided some of your friends have been there, they surely came back all smiles and incredibly charmed with what they’ve experienced. Egypt is largely different of other European destinations. In spite of being practically a dessert, the country is loaded both with a unique culture and touristic attractions. Even the Egyptians’ behavior and culture is not at all similar to the one the Europeans or the Americans display. You might or might not like this change of pace and I’ve literally seen people being enthralled or appaled by the haggle-based workarounds one needs to undertake on many occasions all throughout a trip to Egypt. Just don’t be shocked or surprised if someone wants to offer you some camels in exchange of your girlfriend 😉

  • Karan’s Guesthouse and Indian Hospitality

    Once you landed on Karan’s Guesthouse and after skimming through the blog’s posts, you’ll feel like an old history book had just opened its yellow pages and you’re about to find out all this fascinating legends that hide behind the foundation of a temple, the unsuspected bustle that brings about the hosting of an art gallery or simply interesting things an eager-to-know traveler should be aware of when setting his foot on the unique Indian district of Rajasthan.

  • – Travelling With Style

    When I start getting attached to a themed, niche blog (in my case the niche is usually traveling) I always like it when the authors bring out those small personal elements into play, making you feel part of their adventures. In this regard, travel writers have a very similar mission to that of actors who have to play their role to the best of their abilities, sucking you into the character and stirring up positive or negative emotions from their viewers.

  • Lifecruiser and Why We Love Viking Pirates

    I wouldn’t dare preach about how to become a great travel blogger, but it seems to me that most of the guys and gals that reached the stars in this field have an unquestionably unique identity and personal branding that helps them stand out of the crowd. Sure, great content, updated frequently and some community building effort might give you a boost, but without the unique element, there’s a chance people will forget about you quickly. I remember the first time I stumbled upon I immediately got that “hey, that’s new!” feeling and following the authoring Swedish couple throughout their posts definitely strengthened that feeling.

  • The World Would be a Sadder Place if You Should Ever Log Off

    Working in the travel world you meet, talk to and read about dozens of people sharing the same interest for adventure and, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this happen to someone you know, in a lot of cases their adventuring dreams end up in shambles, overshadowed by daily life issues and budget problems. It’s no small feat leaving everything behind and going round the World and few have the courage to take on this challenge but Jill and Danny of seem to be the perfect example for the type.

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