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  • Paris after the terrorist attack – is it safe to travel?

    Paris by night

    Paris by night ©Didier Bonnette/Flickr

    The terrorist attack from January 7 2015 on the offices of the Parisian satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo claimed 12 lives. The suspects of the attack were killed yesterday in a police raid after a huge manhunt across northern France but the events of last Wednesday raise several questions. One of the most important to answer is, is it safe to travel to Paris

  • New York to Paris Cheap Airfares with Aeroflot

    Paris by night

    Paris by night ©Jim Trodel/Flickr

    Surprise your significant other with a post-Valentines Day trip to Paris and have the romantic escape of your lifetime in the French capital. With these New York to Paris flight we have discovered you can book cheap airfares from $704 r/t with taxes for late February. Fly with Aeroflot and get the cheapest flight to Paris.

  • 6 Nights London, Paris and Rome Cheap Vacations

    London skyline

    London skyline ©Matt Barber/Flickr

    Browse the best Europe vacations of the week freshly picked for you, like a 6 nights cheap vacations to three of the beautiful cities of the continent. Book now and visit London, Paris and Rome in one getaway for $1,509 per person.

    As you can see we have collected other amazing deal such as 7 nights Ireland castles escape for $999 per person, 6 nights Paris and Rome getaway with breakfasts for $1,239 pp, Amsterdam – Burges – Paris escape for $1,859 pp and more. Hurry up, such deals will sell out in a glance!

  • Top 3 busiest airports in Europe

    Frankfurt Airport inside image

    Inside Frankfurt Airport ©Cristina Bortes/Flickr

    There are many different ways to define a busy airport: considering the number of flights starting from there, the number of connections it has, the amount of cargo traffic and so on. And yet, when we think of a really busy airport the first thing occurring to us is the multitude of people filling the corridors and waiting areas.

    Here come the busiest airports in Europe, so you would know where to expect the biggest crowds and longest queues but also the most amenities and things to do. As you will see in the video below, Heathrow Airport, for instance, has got a lot to offer.

  • Miami to South America flights with LAN Airlines under $550

    LAN Airlines

    LAN Airlines Aircraft ©Pablo C.M./Flickr

    Travelgrove’s deal hunting editors really made an effort this week and found some cheap Miami to South America flights with LAN Airlines. Airfares are round-trip on economy class and prices start at $549 per person, including taxes and fees – a Saturday night overstay required.

    Booking must be completed till August 27; and travel dates must be between November 30 – December 10.

  • Save today: Fly from $68 US round trip

    This is Travelgrove’s Weekly travel deals collection, manually hand-picked by our deal-hunting editors. Act fast, the offers might be sold out quick!

  • Top 5 cities in the world that look beautiful at night

    Paris, photo by glen edelson on Flickr

    Not all tourists travel at day and sleep at night, and night owls who spend their nights wandering around and exploring their surroundings are not interested only in the sights that can be appreciated in the sunlight. Many cities are pretty during the day, but become less inviting at night, so much that you almost forget to look around you. But other cities really come alive once the sun sets and the lights turn on – these are the kind of cities whose real beauty becomes obvious after most of their inhabitants go to sleep. If you have an appreciation for a fine nighttime view and a bright skyline, here are the top 5 cities in the world that look beautiful at night.

  • 5 great ethnic neighborhoods from around the world

    Tokyo sur Seine, photo by firepile on Flickr

    One of the best things about large cities is that they are not uniform, and behind every street corner you might as well find something new, something that you haven’t encountered before. And large cities tend to have little pockets of culture where people have retained their own sense of style, and sometimes language and culture. Ethnic enclaves might have started out as something else, but today they tend to be oases of color and uniqueness inside cities. Plus, they are the go-to place if you are in search of ‘authentic’ cuisine and products, as well as interesting sights. Here are 5 great ethnic neighborhoods from around the world, for travelers who want to break the monotony.

  • The most famous luxury hotels in Europe

    photo by chelmsfordblue on Flickr

    Even if you are the kind of hardened backpacker who doesn’t think twice about sleeping under the open sky, you’ve probably dreamed of sleeping in luxury hotels where you’re treated like royalty, where your room has a king-size bed, a minibar stocked with champagne, and room service that’s better than even the fanciest restaurant. If you’re willing to pay a pretty penny to stay in a place like this, or if you’re merely considering your options for when you’ll win the lottery, here are some of the most famous luxury hotels in Europe.

  • 5 destinations for travelers with a sweet tooth

    Turkish delight at the Spice Bazaar, photo by Augapfel on Flickr

    When a traveler gets itchy feet, they are most likely drawn away from their homes by some interesting attraction or another, by travel deals, or cheap eats and a cheap accommodationou. But when you love your taste buds just as much as you like traveling, you can make food a good enough reason to travel. In any case, even if you might skip dessert on a regular day, traveling is about enjoying yourself, so it’s the perfect opportunity to taste the sweets that people indulge in in other parts of the world. Actually, don’t even worry about mealtimes, and just dig in whenever the mood strikes! Here are 5 destinations for travelers with a sweet tooth that are guaranteed to make your tummy very happy.

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