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    About Travelgrove’s Blog

    This blog is about planning your trips and getting new ideas of where to go next and what to see. We’ll try to keep the blog somewhat mixed in terms of topics that we’ll be writing about. We want to make sure that you’ll get an insight of some fantastic destinations, and really get hungry for travel, but you’ll also find some deals or offers, when they are really worth posting.

    We welcome contributions from you in form of comments, or even blog posts that you believe are worthwile for our readers.

    About Travelgrove

    Travelgrove, Inc. was founded by Stefan Serdült and Peter Suhayda in 2004. From a small 3-member based company it grew into becoming one of today’s largest travel search comparison sites. The company operates in the US and most European markets. There are more than 100 partner sites that offer their rates to users from all over the planet. Besides Travelgrove’s state of the art meta search engine, the site offers a vast amount of travel guides, travel tips, travel journals & galleries and thousands of deals.

    All of the technology used on is built inhouse by a team of experienced tech guys in Eastern Europe, which will make sure that things will continue improving to give Travelgrove users the best possible experience when planning their trips.

    Most importantly, Travelgrove is a fun and friendly place where travelers meet and exchange ideas, itineraries and share their travel pics, but it’s also a place where they can find the best rates on most travel products out there.

    We invite you to take part in the discussions, and most importantly, to help fellow travelers make their experiences as good as they can be :)

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