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    All of us have already seen pictures with the so called Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Still, the pictures don’t render perfectly the particular beauty the Japanese civilization has. Therefore, if you’re fond of travelling and Japan, you will have to see it with your own eyes. We suggest you a list of the most famous touristic objectives in Japan. We let you be the judge!

    When arriving in Japan for the first time, all the tourists have this insatiable feeling: they want to see all the country in a couple of weeks. This feeling is a consequence of the spectacular Japanese sights and of its great difference in comparison with any European country. You may try to cover all the touristic attractions in Japan; still, here’s a short travelling guide comprising the must-see places in this country.


    As we have already said, Japan is world-renowned for its unique and astonishing sights. For example, Amanohashidate, in northern Kyoto, an almost four kilometers long sand bridge, covered-up in pine trees is considered to be one of the most beautiful sights in Japan. The tourists can either rent a bike or a motorboat in order to move from one of the bridge’s sides to the other and admire the natural surroundings. When in this part of Japan, eat dried squid and buy a chirimen fabric for a keepsake.


    However, the strongest landmark of Japan is its capital city, Tokyo. It is estimated that more than 4 million foreign tourists were in Tokyo only last year. When touring the capital city of Japan, you should include in your itinerary the following attractions: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo National Museum, the Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine and the temple Sens?-ji.

    Firstly, Tokyo Tower (333 m) is ranked as the tallest orange-and-white artificial building in Japan. Right under the Tower is situated the Foot Town, a building comprising strategically shops, restaurants, bars and even museums for the tourists to make the best out of their visit to Tokyo. If you decide to visit the decks of the Tower you will be rewarded with a spectacular view over the enormous Japanese town. Many tourists confess that Mount Fuji can be spotted in the background.

    Secondly, Tokyo National Museum houses an impressive collection of artistic objects, typical for the Asian culture. A visit at the museum will help you explore the hidden beauty of this unique culture and it will definitely enrich your inner being.

    Thirdly, whether you’re plan is to take a tour of the residence and examine closely the imperial lifestyle, or simply to gaze at this architectural jewel from outside, you will be amazed by its historical importance.

    Moreover, Meiji Shrine was built in the memory of Emperor Meiji and Empress Sh?ken and it’s a must-see place due to the fact that this kind of buildings is typical for the Japanese civilization.

    The Buddhist temple Sens?-ji is probably the most well-known in the whole Japan and was built in the honor of the Goddess of Mercy. In order to understand better the way in which Japanese perceive religion, choose to pay it a visit.

    Formerly available only for the social elite, the rides in rickshaws are nowadays an enjoyable form of transportation for the tourists in Asakusa, a region in Tokyo.

    Tokyo and in general Japan, is the shining example of a place where tradition meets innovation. The temples, the colorful gardens, the teahouses, the lanterns, Buddhas and the rickshaws perfectly harmonize with the skyscrapers, the bullet trains, the modern towers and bridges.


    If you’re in the western region of Japan, stop by Miyajima, a well-known island particularly due to its Itsukushima Shrine and its floating torii. You will convince yourself that the natural scenario of this country is breathtaking. The shrine itself is a holy place, a red-enameled building made of halls on pillars. As far as the floating torii is concerned, the travel guides assert it becomes a more picturesque view at the time of the high tide. If you’re looking for a souvenir, there are many shops in Miyajima which sell rice scoops, famous objects in this region. For the young ladies, there is also a Hello Kitty shop, where the clothes are labeled with the worldly known Japanese cartoon character. In order to taste the flavor of the traditional Japanese cuisine, have a Momiji manj?, a bite-sized cookie whose ingredients range from: chocolate, cheese to sweet beans. Afterwards, drink a glace of chilled sake to go with it.

    Himeji Castle

    There is so much for the traveler to discover in Japan, as the map of this country is crowded with castles, gardens, Buddhas, shrines and famous towns and resorts. Thus, make the most of your holiday and visit the Himeji Castle in Himeji, Hyogo. This towering castle dates back in 1609 and creates an owe-inspiring, unforgettable image in the memory of the travelers.  Since 1993, this marvelous white building is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you’re stuck in the town of Himeji, don’t worry. There’s enough to see and do here. For example, near the Himeji Castle, at Tegarayama, there is an aquarium as well as an amusement park where children along with their parents can enjoy their day out. Moreover, if you’re keen on history or you’re just curious about the Japanese tradition, take the bus from Himeji and visit the Engyo-ji Temple; it will be a unique, great experience, taking into account that samurais used to live here.

    Matsumoto castle

    Go off the beaten track and visit Matsumoto castle, a popular destination in Japan. Located at the eastern edge of the Japan Alps, this castle was built in 1614. The tourists who are willing to spare their energy can climb up the stairways in order to arrive at the castle. Inside the castle, there is a permanent exhibition of Japanese firearms. Once in Matsumoto, try another Japanese culinary specialty: soba noodle. If a dish containing pickled wasabi leaves is listed in the menu of the restaurant you decide to dine in, don’t be afraid to order it.

    Kumamoto Castle

    In the center of Kumamoto city rises the Kumamoto Castle, a touristic spot that you don’t want to miss. It is considered to be the third largest castle in all the country. In spite of the fact that the original building was burnt down a century ago, its reconstruction has a regard for the former model, rendering the same general beautiful lines. Furthermore, there is an impressive array of places to visit in this particular town. A promenade in the traditional Suizenji Garden is not only a respite from the crowded center, but the best way to get in touch with the Japanese culture which states that gardening is a form of art. This garden includes numerous species of plants and of course bonsais. This town offers the tourists many sights, among which the worth-seeing are: Honmyo-ji Temple and Shiki no Sato Park the home of many animals and dotted by abundant hot springs.


    This high-class ski resort dots the Hokkaido region in Japan. It provides the tourists a mix of extreme sports and leisure activities. Many celebrity skiers were spotted descending the snow slopes and enjoying the soft, white snow in Niseko. If you are in the right mood for winter sports, don’t hesitate to stop here: it’s worth it!

    All in all, Japan is a touristic paradise offering the travelers a wealth of destinations.  In order to have a nice holiday in Japan, try to enjoy the landscapes, and all the famous attractions straight away on your arrival. You should also take a bite from every culinary specialty. Your taste buds will be thrilled. A trip to Japan it’s the perfect getaway, an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life.

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