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  • Transferring your frequent flyer award miles between airlines

    Did you even know that you could actually transfer frequent flyer miles from one airline to another? You should certainly read on if you only need a few miles to get a free flights or you have some miles close to expire that you already gave up on. The answer to your problems of getting those miles you need or ‘recycling’ the ones that are about to be expired is transferring them to another program!  The below chart will show you what are the best and weakest transfer rates for different programs and airlines – if you’re a frequent flyer, you should really know how transferring your frequent flyer award miles works. 

  • Two Free Roundtrip Ticket Signup Bonus!

    This new Southwest credit card joins an ever-growing lineup of rewards credit cards with giant signup bonuses. This new addition to the Chase family offers 2 free roundtrip flights with your first purchase, plus 6,000 Rapid Rewards points on every anniversary of your card membership ($100 in Wanna Get Away fare).

  • Best Jetsetters Credit Cards

    All you jetsetters out there know that traveling these days is anything but cheap. From airfare to hotel costs to baggage fees, it seems like travelers just can’t catch a break.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if airlines started charging per inch of leg room (though, we wouldn’t want to give them any ideas). If you’re a regular traveler and want to get the most out of your vacation or business trips, here are the top travel credit cards to consider.

  • Tips to get frequent flyer miles daily

    1.  Sign up for credit cards that award you miles or points for your purchases

    2.  Pay your monthly bills like utility, rent, phone, etc. using your miles credit card

    3.  Pay one time bills like taxes with your miles credit card

    We would all like to earn more free travel, but what should you do to get the necessary miles sooner?  How much do you spend on utilities, groceries and bills every month?  Hundreds, maybe thousands, right? 

  • How to get Two Free US Domestic Round-trip flights

    It is really easy!

    Earn 50K Continental Miles as an award for the Onpass Plus MasterCard
    First Enroll in Continental Airlines Frequent Flier Program and sign up for Mileathon.
    Next apply for the credit card with a 50,000 mile Continental miles bonus. If you are a member of United Mileage Plus already, your Continental award miles will become United miles automatically as soon as United and Continental start their frequent flier programs in the course of the year.  You could also use your 50K award miles for getting two round trip domestic flight tickets with Continental.

  • Get up to 75,000 miles credit card sign-up bonuses

    Credit Card Sign-up BonusMany times credit card offers are the most efficient way to collect large amounts of miles in a very short time.

    Those issuing credit cards are really keen on getting customers and are willing give more than generous bonuses for sign-ups.

    Now just a few words about the credit. You will need a reasonable credit score in order to get a premium card. You will also need to think about your credit score.

    So it can prove to be important to understand how these credit card sign-ups may affect your credit.

  • How to get a free vacation to Hawaii

    Next week I am off to a vacation to Hawaii – for free!  Yes, a round-trip flights from Boston to Maui, and Kaanapali Shores Hotel, 7 nights, all free of charge!  And because I am using Travelgrove’s Frequent Flyer Center, I could monitor my miles and earn elite status, so we are sitting in Economy Plus.

    What would you say to a free getaway like mine?  Or if not a free trip, a free upgraded to business class while you pay for economy?  If you use Travelgrove’s Frequent Flyer tool, you can do all that very easily . Visit the new Frequent Flyer Tool (bookmark the page!) 

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