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  • Tourist destinations made famous by literature

    Movies usually have a huge impact on the tourist flow into the locations where it was filmed or which appear in it, but Hollywood is not the only thing that can make a tourist destination even more famous.

    Best-selling books and classics of literature has also work miracles, and even if a picture says a thousand words, one well-written  paragraph can also say as much as a thousand pictures. So here is our list of some great tourist destinations that were made famous by literature.

  • All-inclusive 4 nights vacation at Grand Bahia Principe for $659

    There are plenty of great travel deals in this week’s collection that you should check out, but take a special look at the 4 nights vacation at Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica for $659 per person. Book this Jamaica vacation package now while it is on sale and travel on select dates between July 2 ans August 22 2015.

    If you browse the table you will also find the Compass Cove Resort in Myrtle Beach for $58 per night, an amazing 10 nights vacation with air to Bangkok and Borneo from $2,299 per person, cheap flights to New York with Virgin America from $149 one way and more. Hurry up, these deals may be gone in a moment!

  • Celebrating Hogmanay in Scotland



    On the night between December 31 and January 1, some people celebrate New Year’s Eve, and others…well, in Scotland, they celebrate Hogmanay. If you thought that New Year’s parties can be wild, then it’s time for you to go to Scotland this year, and celebrate the coming year in a different way.

    Edingburgh’s Hogmanay celebration claims to be the best New Year’s party in the world, and this might nt be too far from the truth. So here is a short overview of the activities and customs that you’ll deal with if you decide to celebrate Hogmanay in Scotland.

  • Top 10 places to see in Africa

    Dogon Country, Mali

    To continue our series of posts on the main sights that are an absolute must on each continent, here are the top 10 places in Africa that are so amazing that it’s a real shame if you take a tour o the continent. Obviously, it’s nearly impossible to visit all of Africa at once.

    The continent is so large, the cultures so diverse and the landscapes so amazing that it would probably take years to see all the visit-worthy places. So if you have a dilemma about where to go on your African tour, here is a list of places that we are sure you’ll just love.

  • Top 10 weird Japanese drinks that you might (not) want to try

    Japan is unique from many point of view, not the least of which is the Japanese people’s inventiveness when it comes to coming up with flavors for their candy and their soft drinks. While going on a soda-tasting trip in Japan sounds weird when you say it, the fun part about it is that no one has to know that you are actually sampling the country’s soft drinks.

    Just pretend that you are thirsty whenever you see a convenience store or a vending machine, and look for the bottles and jars with strange designs on them or the random unsettling English word. Don’t be scared away by strange combinations – one things that’s for sure is that your drink will be palatable, and sometimes even delicious!

  • How to hunt for antiques during your holiday

    When you travel, it’s normal to take pictures or buy some souvenirs for your friends and family back home, but that is not the point of your trip. The point is to see new places and experience new things, but if you have the chance to pick up some mementos and trinkets, that’s even better.

    Simply buying stuff from a tourist center is not very original, but finding some real treasures can be a bit complicated when you find yourself in a unknown place. Finding an interesting antique is great, but where you can find them? Collectors are born with a nose for antiques, but here’s what you can do to find some forgotten little treasure too.

  • The Blank Spot on the Map – Central Asia

    Travelers who are making plans to see the world often think of the usual places. Australia, Thailand, Japan, China, Europe, maybe even India, Brazil, or Kenya. Conspicuously absent from most agendas is the magical land of Central Asia. Central Asia is a a veritable blank spot on most top ten lists and the reason for this is as intangible as the ideas of the land itself.
    Beautiful central AsiaAsk someone what they know about Central Asia and you might get an answer that makes sense. More likely you will get a confusion of India, China, and Borat. Yes, Borat.

    It’s a sad thing that the amount of knowledge most people have of this vast area of land is a spoof movie that makes the residents look like village bumpkins and the landscape look like Russia. While it may be true that there are certainly villages, bumpkins, and Russian landscapes- this is hardly the entire picture.

  • Top 5 picturesque towns in China



    China is constantly trying to modernize itself at an insane place, and a visit to some parts of Shanghai and Beijing will even convince you that you’re 50 years in the future. However, the Chinese value their cultural heritage, and even if sky-scrapers are sprouting regularly in the metropolises, the small rural towns haven’t lost any of their charm.

    When you visit China, a trip to the countryside is an eye-opening experience, and it will help you see the face of Chinese culture that has been somewhat lost in the asphalt jungle. So here are some of the most picturesque towns that you should visit.

  • Top 10 most famous mountains in the world


    Mont Blanc, France

    One of the first things that kids learn in geography classes is how high them mountains in their respective countries are, and of course all of them are compared to Mount Everest, or some other peak that is among the highest in the world. Mountains have somehow become a reason for national pride in many countries, and woe is the country that is unfortunate enough to have only plains and hills on its territory.

    So naturally, when we visit another country, mountains are an instant attraction (well, maybe only for those who are into hiking and trekking). In any case, should you wonder which mountains are famous enough to be checked out during your travels, here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of the most famous peaks in the world.

  • A quick guide to Zurich’s old town


    Zurich might be the largest city in Switzerland, and one of the best known too, but nobody can claim that it’s the most touristy Swiss city in existence. When thinking of Zurich, stock exchange and finance come to mind, rather than tourism and holidays, which is why some people who visit Switzerland tend to overlook it. But there is more to Zurich than boring economics, and lately it has become one of the most vibrant tourist destinations in Europe.

    Nestled in the Alps, surrounded by a breath-taking scenery and full of cultural and historical attractions, Zurich is one of the cities that everyone should consider visiting when in Switzerland. And to give you a taste of what you can find there, here’s a short guide to Zurich’s fabulous old town.

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