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  • Cheapest places to eat in Oxford

    The small and very scenic town of Oxford is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, but thankfully, you don’t have to be a genius student in order to enjoy the city. And if you are on a budget, visiting Oxford can even make you feel like a student.

    University towns, no matter how posh, are notorious for their student-priced eateries, so you can be sure to have plenty of places where you can find some cheap eats. Hungry students and travelers, here are the cheapest places to eat in Oxford.

  • The weirdest resorts in the world, part 1

    Giraffe Manor, Kenya

    Are you bored of traditional hotels where all you get for your money is a comfy bed, room service and maybe a sauna and a restaurant? If you’d like to stay some place more unusual next time when you’re traveling, you are in luck.

    Many enterprising hotel owners have picked up on the fact that hotels can be a bit monotonous, and they  decided to do something about it. These hotels are nothing if not weird, both when it comes to appearance and the service. And that’s exactly what makes them exciting! Here are our picks for some of the weirdest resorts in the world.

  • Quality Time At Airports and Bus Stations

    Round the World TravelIf you travel than you know what it’s like to get to the airport and wait, and wait, and wait. It’s usually not a very good time. The same goes for trains stations, bus stations, and ferry terminals. Once you are past the security, you are stuck. So, the question is, how can you make the most of your time?

    Sure, you can look through the duty free shop, buy overpriced food or drinks, or sit in an uncomfortable chair and stare out the window, but wouldn’t you rather do something more enjoyable and productive?

  • Christmas travel ideas for the whole family

    Traveling somewhere for Christmas is downright impossible if you don’t plan ahead, especially if you want to go with your family. Booking hotels, figuring out transportation and (most importantly), finding a place that everyone will like is a very difficult task. So in order to help you out, here are some Christmas travel ideas for the whole family. Plan you getaway now and enjoy your Christmas vacation in an exciting and unusual setting.

  • Top 10 useful travel tips for your holiday

    Traveling is probably the best pastime in the world. What’s not to love about it? Seeing new and exciting  places, meeting interesting people, discovering cultures that might be completely different than your own…It all sounds great in theory, but even the best holiday can go wrong if you don’t prepare for it.

    If you’re traveling during the holiday season, everyone else if going to be traveling too, but don’t let the crowds, queues and bureaucracy sour your mood. Here are the top 10 useful travel tips or your holiday, which can just save you from a mental breakdown.

  • The best carnivals in the world

    The Venice Carnival

    Carnivals are probably one of the biggest paradoxes in the world. The point is to put on a mask, not to hide your personality, but on the contrary: to show it off. You can dress up in the most ridiculous, unusual, dorky or brilliant costumes just because that’s how you feel like at the moment, and no one will bat a lash.

    Carnivals are great opportunities to let go and just have pure, unsophisticated fun without worrying about the consequences. So get your most outrageous costume and check out the best carnivals in the world.

  • Brazilian beach towns for a perfect holiday

    Armação dos Búzios

    Winter can be cold and depressing for those who live in the temperate areas, but thankfully there are always some places where the summer sun never stops shining and where you can escape to if the winter blues are catching up with you.

    Brazil is an excellent destination if you want to take some time off and warm yourself up on a sunny beach. With a coastline of almost 7500 miles, there are many amazing beaches and beach towns in Brazil where you can retreat and renew your tan. Here’s our list of the best Brazilian beach towns for a perfect holiday.

  • Eat like a local in Tokyo

    If you’re one of those people who can’t leave without their regular portion of sushi, tempura or ramen (even the instant kind!) then going to Tokyo and tasting the real thing is probably a dream come true. But like all major tourist cities, Tokyo can be a bit on the expensive side if you eat only at restaurants that cater specifically to tourists.

    So if you want to save some money and to experience the real Japanese cuisine, the best thing to do is to eat like a local in Tokyo. Little known joints, obscure cafes and street stalls will surprise your palate without ripping you off, and you’ll eat like a local in Tokyo.

  • Top 5 weekend hideaways in the US

    Adirondacks National Park

    Taking time off for a holiday when you’re busy with work and other obligations can be difficult, even if you badly need a few weeks off to replenish your energy.

    But on the bright side, you can always use your weekends to do a bit of traveling, even if you don’t cross half the country. So here are the top 5 weekend hideaways in the US, to help you plan your weekend trip.

  • Where to celebrate Hanukkah?

    This year, Hanukkah is celebrated between December 1 and December 9, which leaves you just enough time to get into the holiday spirit. And while celebrating Hanukkah in the privacy of your home can be fun and cozy, many people have started to celebrate the holiday by traveling.

    So if the idea of traveling and finding a new way to celebrate a traditional holiday appeals to you, the question remains: where to celebrate Hanukkah? To help you, we’ve assembled a couple of very fitting destinations that combine the true essence of Hanukkah with touristy flair, history and culture.

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