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  • The weirdest resorts in the world, part 1

    Giraffe Manor, Kenya

    Are you bored of traditional hotels where all you get for your money is a comfy bed, room service and maybe a sauna and a restaurant? If you’d like to stay some place more unusual next time when you’re traveling, you are in luck.

    Many enterprising hotel owners have picked up on the fact that hotels can be a bit monotonous, and they¬† decided to do something about it. These hotels are nothing if not weird, both when it comes to appearance and the service. And that’s exactly what makes them exciting! Here are our picks for some of the weirdest resorts in the world.

    Giraffe Manor, Langata, Kenya

    At the first sight, Giraffe Manor looks like a typical elegant country house, built in the style of a Scottish hunting lodge. The floors are polished, the en-suite bedrooms are tastefully decorated, and the parlor and the breakfast room are charming in an old-fashioned way. Giraffe Manor seems like the perfect image of holiday bliss, until a giraffe pokes its head through the windows to snag your breakfast toast from your hand. The manor’s resident herd of giraffes are dedicated to socializing with the manor’s guests, and they routinely pop up outside (and sometimes even inside) the hotel when you least expect them.

    Das Park Hotel, Ottensheim, Austria

    One look around the hotel premises is enough to convince many travelers that they had unwittingly stumbled upon an abandoned construction site instead of a hotel. But the three giant concrete pipe segments that make up Das Park Hotel’s rooms are an exercise in recycling and eco-friendliness. The rooms are not exactly the peak of luxury, but they are large enough to accommodate a double bed, a lamp, and a few sleeping bags on request.

    The hotel was the idea of Austrian architect Andreas Strauss, who thought to make use of the drain pipes by punching vents into them and installing electronic locks on the doors. The best part about this hotel is that it doesn’t have fixed rates, you leave as much as you can afford. Das Park Hotel works on the basis of reservations only, so book your room online on their webpage.

    Hotel Everland

    To put it simply, Hotel Everland is a hotel that can be carried around. Sounds weird? It looks like a trailer, with the exception that it is just as luxurious as many 4 or 5 star hotels, with pastel colored decorations, a beautiful bedroom, lounge and bathroom.

    Since the hotel is portable, it travels around Europe, and you can find it perched in the most unusual places, like a rooftop in Paris overlooking the Seine. You could spend only one night in the hotel, because by day it functions as an exhibit. For the moment, there are no more tours planned, but hopefully the hotel will resume its activity soon.

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    stefan wrote on December 26, 2010:

    My wife would divorce instantly if I’d took her in such a hotel… :)

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