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  • The most magical places in Spain

    The Alhambra in Granada

    The Alhambra ©Will Clayton/Flickr

    Spain is a favorite destination for visitors coming to Europe and attracts many tourists with its extensive beaches and spectacular coastline. However, many expect more from their holiday than just to dangle at the beach or at the pool.

    As you may see in the video and article below, Spain also offers incredible adventures and magical places, so here are some sights that you should definitely not miss if you want to get goosebumps. 

  • 8 nights Spain getaway from $1411 pp

    Madrid skyline

    Madrid skyline ©Wenjie, Zhang | A Certain…/Flickr

    Among other great Europe vacations our deal hunting editors have found 8 nights Spain getaways for this year. You can visit Madrid, Seville, Granada and Barcelona – the best of Spain from $1411 pp. Round-trip flight, 8 nights hotel and land transfers are all included.

    You can also get Italy vacations from $1399 pp, Ireland getaways from $1119 pp or Scotland escapes from $2207 pp. Book before the best deals are sold!

  • Summer holidays: it’s a family affair

    Spain Holiday

    Spain Holiday ©visual07/Flickr

    It seems more and more of us are reluctant to take a summer holiday, with the Guardian reporting a decrease in workers who were willing to take time off last year. But on reflection, few things are more important than spending some quality time with the family and escaping the stresses of everyday life – if only for a week or two. And as you all go together, it is indeed true, that summer holiday is a family affair!

  • The weirdest food festivals in the world

    Waikiki Spam Jam, photo by madmarv00 on Flickr

    Food festivals are happy occasions when foodies from all over the world can give into their cravings and stuff themselves full of all sorts of delicious things. Although most food festivals cater for your stomach and taste buds, some food festivals can be a bit strange, and either make you choke with laughter or show you the ways in which food can be used for various unorthodox purposes. Celebrate the weird side of food, either by eating it or just laughing at it, while attending some of the weirdest food festivals in the world.

  • The world’s best travel experiences for thrill seekers

    Sydney Harbor Bridge, photo by Kevin Gibbons

    For some people, traveling is an opportunity to meet new people, see interesting places and discover cultures other than their own. For others, it’s not so much what they see, but how they see it. Adrenaline junkies can appreciate scenery just as well as any other person, but the if you’re hurtling towards the scenery at a dazzling speed, or rushing past it down a dangerous river, then the scenery is a hundred times better. If you prefer to churn out even the last drop of excitement out of every opportunity, then you will probably want to try some of the world’s best travel experiences for thrill seekers.

  • Traveling with kids: the best toy museums in the world

    photo by Jenni Douglas on Flickr

    When traveling with kids, it’s always difficult to find attractions that won’t bore them to tears (literally sometimes), but without ruining the whole holiday for the adults. If you like wandering through dusty museum halls and looking at exhibits for hours, here’s a compromise that might placate your kids or other youngsters in your company: visit a toy museum. Toy museums come in many shapes and forms: some are formal affairs with delicate toys that have turned from kid’s amusements to historical relics, but other museums are just like a huge play room. In any case, if you want your eight year old former self, or your eight year old traveling companions to have some fun, visit some of the best toy museums in the world.

  • 5 fascinating historic sites from around the world

    Potala Palace, photo by Bernt Rostad

    Traveling to a foreign country is like a field trip for the amateur historian, or even for a regular traveler who likes to hear stories about other countries and other people. The remnants of ancient civilizations, monuments erected in honor of heroes, or museums showcasing the best of a country’s historical relics are the types of places where you will learn something without feeling like you’re back in school. These 5 fascinating historic sites from around the world are so interesting that they attract travelers from even the remotest corners of the planet.

  • Top 5 family holidays in Spain

    Tenerife beach

    Tenerife ©quatre mains/Flickr

    A family holiday offers the perfect chance to relax, press the pause button on everyday life and simply spend some quality time together. And if you’re looking for the perfect destination, Spain can’t be beaten for the endless amount of things to do, wonderful weather and child-friendly atmosphere.

    With this in mind, we’ve put together our top five family destinations across in Spain. All you have to do is decide where to go, pack up your family and, well, maybe book a ticket to Spain, but it really dues worth it as you will hopefully see below. Have you ever been to Spain or it is on your wishlist? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • 5 secret bars in the world and how to find them

    The whole point of opening a business is to get as many customers as possible and make profit, or at least that’s how things usually work everywhere in the world. But there are some businesses that are not interested in catering to very Tom, Dick and Harry, and prefer to build a rather more exclusive customer base – like a country club, for example. Another way is to keep the business hidden so that only the initiated can find you – this is how some of the most interesting bars in the world work. You’d have to look in the most unlikely p;laces to find them, and the chances of bumping into them by sheer luck are rather slim. But if you want to drink where few people drank before, here are 5 secret bars in the world and how to find them – just don’t tell anyone!

  • The most picturesque walking paths in the world

    Camino de Santiago, photo on Flickr

    Before the time of cars, trains or planes, budget travelers who wanted to see the world didn’t have many options besides walking. And walk they did, so much and for so long that the paths forged by these early travelers still exist today. And while the traveler of the 21st century can travel thousands of miles in a matter of hours, there are still plenty of people who still enjoy the simpler pleasures of seeing beautiful scenery at a leisurely pace, while walking. Whatever your reasons for walking are (healthy exercise, a love of nature), there are plenty of walking trails that can awaken the love of walking even in the laziest person. Here’s a list of the most picturesque walking paths in the world.

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