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  • New England’s Events During the Fall Foliage

    Need a late-fall, family-friendly trip idea? Or you’d rather travel alongside your friends? Either way, this time around with fall in full bloom, you could go leaf-peeping, a concept that’s becoming more and more popular. And what better destination for a colorful encounter with the nature than New England, well-known for its picture-perfect scenery painted in shades of yellow, red and green and for the enormous leaves carpets you can find here?

    They say there’s no better place in the whole country to enjoy the fall foliage season than New England and not just because of the breathtaking sights, but because fall’s best harvest and cultural festivals take place every year in this region. Therefore, whether it’s a few days of hiking, discovering the nature, carving or tasting pumpkins, joining the locals for a festival, New England seems to be the perfect destination for both the weekend and the day trippers. Since this region seems to be the fall’s travelling hotspot, here are some of the main events and festivals it hosts in the following period. Mark them on your calendar and hit the road!

  • Packing Tips and Tricks

    Your tickets have arrived, you have booked an early morning cab to the airport, your neighbour is going to feed your cat and you have waved a cheery au revoir to your co-workers. Your brain is in `holiday mode` and you cannot wait to relax, take in the sights and sip sangria at sunset! Except, there is one more hurdle you have to cross – packing! Packing is, without doubt, one of the most stressful elements of going on holiday. Whether you are going skiing, camping, trekking, on a business trip, beach holiday, or even a romantic weekend away – packing can be a complete nightmare! What to take, what not to take, getting the suitcase closed, packing too much, fear of packing too little… It is an absolute minefield! However, you too can be a savvy packer if you abide some simple packing tips and tricks! The top packing tip has to be `honesty`. Be honest with yourself about how much stuff you need.

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