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  • Top 5 wreck diving destinations in the world

    Thistlegorm, photo by prilfish on Flickr

    Diving underwater to discover some of the mysteries of the deep is no longer the pastime of adventurers and explorers, but of anyone who can swim underwater and is curious about what sorts of things lurk beneath the surface. The coal reefs of the planet are teeming with life, and for a scuba diver the variety of the marine life is what makes a dive amazing. But the pretty tropical fish,  colorful and strangely-shaped coral and the occasional ominous manta ray or whale shark become less important when you are faced with the wreck of a ship or a plane that has been slumbering on the ocean floor for who knows how long. Go on the most exciting dive of your life at one of the top 5 scuba diving destinations in the world.

  • The best automobile museums in the world

    Volkswagen Autostadt, photo by ilovebutter on Flickr

    The vast majority of museums collect paintings, sculptures, historical exhibits, while others exhibit things that one is most used to see on the street – like cars, for example. Any car enthusiast knows that some car are works or art, and belong in a museum, or at least in the private collection of someone who can appreciate their worth. Luckily, if you’ve been known to wax lyrical about the sleek curve of a car hood, then you won’t have to keep an eye out for antique cars every time you go out on the street. Just visit some of the best automobile museums in the world, where you can see classics, unique cars, and learn about their evolution of their design and engineering.

  • The most exciting living museums in the world

    Lofotr Viking Museum, photo by Juanjo Marin

    Some travelers avoid museums because they seem stuffy and boring, with uninteresting exhibits encased in glass and small plates detailing the history of some obscure place or object. Well, if you ever felt like that but you still hate to miss out on a cultural experience, here’s a (literally) livelier alternative: living museums, probably the only kind of museums where the exhibits actually move around and go about their business. Living museums are places where historical events or a regular day from the past are re-enacted. You see how the people of the past lived their life, and you get a taste of a culture of period in history – it’s often almost like time travel! Here are some of the most exciting living museums in the world that will probably change forever the way you look at a museum.

  • A backpacker’s guide to Vietnam

    Street in Hanoi, photo by Jrwooley6 on Flickr

    Vietnam definitely hasn’t had it easy over the centuries, but it weathered colonialism and terrible wars and came out with its optimism and joy of life intact. Vietnam is vividly colorful, endowed with great natural beauty and a fascinating and rich culture that attract millions of visitors every year. There’s a fair number of world-class resorts in Vietnam, but as luxurious as these are, they are no different than any other resorts in Asia. In order to experience the heart of Vietnamese life and culture, you have to get out into the street and live like ordinary people, and you won’t regret a single second of it! Travelers on a tight budget make the most of Vietnamese cuisine, attractions and nightlife, so here’s a backpacker’s guide to Vietnam for those who capture the essence of this amazing country.

  • Easter skiing: 5 resorts with late-season snow

    Saas Fee, photo by Claudio Vosti

    Not everyone celebrates Easter, but whatever you are planning to do on Easter Sunday and a few days before or after, mid-April is a great time to go on a short holiday.

    With Spring in full bloom it isn’t difficult to find some nice outdoor destinations where you can enjoy the sun, but what if you’re not ready to let go of winter yet?

    If you haven’t managed to go frolic in the snow during the winter months,

    April is not too late yet. If you’re not planning on spending Easter at home, why not go on a ski vacation?

    There are quite a few ski resorts around the world where you can enjoy  some subzero temperatures even in April. Here are some destinations for Easter skiing: 5 resorts with late-season snow.

  • The best wildlife watching destinations in the world

    Komodo Dragon, photo by Adhi Rachdian

    Nothing compares to the feeling you get when seeing a wild animals in its natural habitat, especially if it comes as a surprise. Now that travel is becoming more and more eco-conscious, an increasing number of people opt for wildlife vacations that allow them to get in touch with nature and get away from the hubbub of the city. If you’re curious what it’s like to see elephants, gorillas or whales off the TV screen, now it’s easier than ever to embark on a breaht-taking, life-changing adventure that will surely give you a different outlook on wild animals. Here are some of the best wildlife watching destinations in the world, where you get the chance to meet a few of the most fascinating species on the planet.

  • The best boat trips in the world

    Halong Bay, photo by Joseph Hunkins

    Plane travel has all but replaced other ways of getting around the world, like trains or boats – why spend days or weeks to cross the ocean when you can do it in less than a day? While flying sure is practical, in some parts of the world boats are the most convenient (and sometimes the only) way to get around a destination. The view from the water is often better than the view from the shore, so if you find yourself in a particularly nice place near water, taking a short boat trip can never hurt! Here are some of the best trips in the world, some shorter and some longer, but all of them with some great scenery to offer.

  • Easter around the world: South America

    Semana Santa in Brazil, photo by Prefeitura de Olinda

    Since the most widespread religion in most South American countries is Christianity, Easter is celebrated with various degrees of pomp and ceremony all over the continent.

    Easter is a good time for family celebrations, but it works just as well, if not better, as a window for a holiday. If you decide to head out of your home during Easter, whether on your own or with family or friends, South America is a great choice.

    Even at other times of the year, the particular blend of indigenous culture and African and European influences make South America is great cultural travel destination. The many Easter traditions and customs in South American countries turn this holiday into an exciting time of the year even for those who don’t usually celebrate it. So here are some more insights into how people celebrate Easter around the world: South America in particular.

  • Top 5 celebrity museums from around the world

    Hemingway House, ohoto by Vasenka

    In general museums are places where the work of artists are put on display, but sometimes the celebrity artist is interesting enough to warrant a museum for her or himself. Writers, painters and musicians from the past and present get their own museums if they are famous and intriguing enough! The (in)famous who leave memorabilia behind after their death, or reach unbelievable levels of stardom in their life have shrines made in their honor, where fans and visitors can pay homage or simply satisfy their curiosity. If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted and exciting museums experience, check out a few of the top 5 celebrity museums from around the world.

  • The most popular glamping destinations in the world

    photo by Stephanie Chapman on Flickr

    For most people, camping is all about roughing it in the wild, getting in touch with primal nature and relying on basic survival skills – all in good fun. Others might prefer a but of glam in their camping expeditions, and instead of sleeping in a drafty tent and eating canned beans warmed by the fire, they go for something a bit more upscale – they go glamping. So if you want to be close to nature but not too close, you can pick and chose whatever you like out of a camping experience and supplement the rest with luxury. Here are some of the most popular glamping destinations in the world, where the wild is made upscale for you.

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