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  • Travel destinations with remarkable cuisine

    Bibimbap in South Korea, photo by avlxyz on Flickr

    You’d have to have a pretty conservative and obstinate stomach in order to be able to travel without indulging in the offer of local dishes and delicacies. Food and food preparation is a huge part of most cultures, and sticking only to dishes that are ‘international’ or familiar to the palate would mean that you are missing out on an essential part of the travel experiences. And while most travelers are happy to enjoy the local fare as a bonus to seeing amazing new places, there are more than enough travel destinations that are worth visiting based on their cuisine alone. And if you’re worried that you won’t have much to do except to stuff yourself in these destinations, don’t worry, they all have more than their fare share of sights as well. Here are a few travel destinations with remarkable cuisine that is reason enough to visit them.

  • 5 destinations for travelers with a sweet tooth

    Turkish delight at the Spice Bazaar, photo by Augapfel on Flickr

    When a traveler gets itchy feet, they are most likely drawn away from their homes by some interesting attraction or another, by travel deals, or cheap eats and a cheap accommodationou. But when you love your taste buds just as much as you like traveling, you can make food a good enough reason to travel. In any case, even if you might skip dessert on a regular day, traveling is about enjoying yourself, so it’s the perfect opportunity to taste the sweets that people indulge in in other parts of the world. Actually, don’t even worry about mealtimes, and just dig in whenever the mood strikes! Here are 5 destinations for travelers with a sweet tooth that are guaranteed to make your tummy very happy.

  • The most expensive dishes in the world and where to eat them

    photo by the evil monkey on Flickr

    Maybe you’ve won the lottery and you consider investing much of your prize into gourmet food, or maybe you’re just considering wandering around the planet and spending your life savings on outrageously expensive dishes out of curiosity. Or perhaps you are just interested in what the rich and famous spend their lunch money on while you are sampling affordable street food in some foodie paradise. In any case, when it comes to food no expenses are spared in some restaurants in the world, and while few people can testify about the quality of these pricey dishes, they are definitely made to be enjoyed. Here are some of the most expensive dishes in the world, and where to eat them.

  • Top 5 foodie experiences in 2012

    Rendang, photo by avlxyz

    Traveling is all about new places and experiences, and for many travelers that includes food as well. If you’ve been known to appreciate a good dish and even to seek out foods that may sound a bit out of the ordinary for many palates, then you probably wouldn’t scoff at the idea of traveling somewhere with the sole purpose of eating your way through your destination. There are a lot of places on the planet where it’s worth traveling for the food alone, despite the fact that ethnic restaurants can now be found in most major cities in the world. For some authentic culinary experiences, here are our picks for the top 5 foodie experiences in 2012 – food for thought for your next trip!

  • The 5 funniest restaurants in the world

    photo by Mega Hammond on Flickr

    Hungry travelers usually seek out restaurants that are both good and cheap, and if the decor is only marginally important as long as you can fill yr stomach with good grub. But in some cases, it’s not so much the menu that counts, because the restaurant itself is strange enough that it makes it difficult to much without staring at your surroundings. There are plenty of weird restaurants in the world, some in the air, other underground and even under water, but some are just plain funny. If you are not afraid of choking on your food while laughing and chewing at the same time, here are the top 5 funniest restaurants in the world.

  • A guide to Philippine cuisine

    photo by George Parrilla on Flickr

    The Philippines is a bewildering place which for many travelers is still a mystery, a large blank chunk on the map. The second largest archipelago in the world contains no less than 7000 islands, and to visit all of them could be a lifetime’s endeavor. There’s a whole lot of Philippines to see, which is all the more reason to see it, or taste it – after all, one of the ways to get to know a country is through its cuisine. Philippine cuisine is one of the least spicy cuisines in Asia, but it is far from bland! The most common meals in the Philippines have their roots in various Asian, European and indigenous recipes and styles of cooking, which makes them truly unique. For the hungry traveler in the Philippines, here’s a guide to Philippine cuisine.


    Although initially a dish of the Northern Philippines, commonly eaten by the Ilocano people, pinakbet is so good that it spread all over the islands and you can find it mostly anywhere. This stew-like dish is made with loads of veggies (bitter melon, eggplant, tomato, okra, string beans, chili peppers, parda, winged beans to count only a few). It is considered really healthy, and a symbol of Ilocano culture.


    Adobo, photo by Trishhhh on Flickr

    If you’re in Philippine during the Christmas season, you’ll be seeing a lot of Bibingka, a typical Christmas dish. Bibinkga comes in countless regional variations, but most cake bases are made with rice flour and coconut milk, baked in banana leaves. Some types of Bibingka might seem strange for western palates, for example the popular Bibingka Galapong, served with grated cheese and salted duck’s eggs.


    Vegetarians and meat-eaters with delicate constitutions will probably run away at the sight of Dinuguan, a popular Philippine dish made with…pig’s blood. Dinuguan is also called chocolate meat, because it looks similar to a pot of melted chocolate, but this stew is actually made with pig’s blood, meat, and pig innards, well seasoned with spices.


    Dinuguan, photo by Shubert Ciencia on Flickr

    If the Philippines should have a national dish, then it most certainly is adobo. Adobo is actually an indigenous cooking technique, which involves stewing the ingredients in vinegar. The most common types of adobo are pork, chicken or a combination thereof, served with rice both at feasts and regular meals. Adobo is so popular that you can find all sorts of snacks and nibbles that are adobo-flavored, without them having any connection to adobo.


    If you’re attending a Philippine fiesta, you’re bound to encounter kare-kare, one of the traditional party dishes in the Philippines. The prime ingredient of this stew is oxtail, ox tripe, peanuts, rice and vegetables like eggplants, string beans, cabbage and banana flower buds. The usual accompaniment for kare-kare is bagoong, dollops of shrimp paste.


  • 5 delights of Turkish cuisine

    İşkembe, photo by Tannazie on Flickr

    Turkey is located at the crossroads of the East and the West, and it has one of the riches and most interesting histories in the world, one dotted with victories, defeats, battles and legendary figures. For the history buff, Turkey is a treasure trove of fascinating places and age-old  monuments, but the weary traveler who wants nothing more than unwind will also find a haven of sun, beaches and lovely scenery in this country. However, those who will probably have the most fun in Turkey are foodies – the maddening mix of Eastern spices, Ottoman delicacies and Balkan dishes make Turkish cuisine one of the best in the world. Here are 5 delights of Turkish cuisine that not even the pickiest traveler can ignore.

  • The weirdest desserts in the world and where to eat them

    Deep-fried Mars bar, photo by audrey_sel

    The world is full of bizarre and often unexpectedly tasty foods that you can find when you travel, but savory dishes are not the only ones that your palate might find appealing. If you’re not quite ready for fried tarantulas or other assorted oddities, maybe starting with the dessert is not a bad idea. Having a sweet tooth will usually be enough to get you though a portion of dessert, but your taste buds should expect to be surprised in any case. Here are some of the weirdest desserts in the world and where you can eat them.

  • The best airport restaurants in the world

    Singapore Changi Airport, photo by Bassel Safadi

    Layovers and delayed or canceled flights are nothing less than a nightmare for any traveler who just wants to get to their exciting travel destination, check into their room and then be free to explore, see and eat. Layovers make you tired, bored, and also hungry, and airports are usually not known for their ability to provide healthy and tasty cuisine that doesn’t fit into the fast-food department, right? Well, in the case of a couple of airports in the world, you won’t have anything to complain about when it comes to the food at least, and you might even end up with some nice travel memories that you made during a layover. Here are some of the best airport restaurants in the world.

  • Foodie Travel: Top 5 soups from around the world

    Cullen Skink, photo by Colin Campbell

    Soup, a seemingly simple dish that warms your belly and your soul, is a staple all over the world. People have been making soup for ages, and many cultures have their own treasured soup recipes which they take pride in. Traveling around the world will reveal you a world of soup – and none as innocent as your traditional chicken broth with noodles. So whenever you visit a new destination, don’t forget to slurp a bowl a soup and pamper your palate with surprising tastes. Here are our picks for the top 5 soups from around the world.

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