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  • The best airport restaurants in the world

    Singapore Changi Airport, photo by Bassel Safadi

    Layovers and delayed or canceled flights are nothing less than a nightmare for any traveler who just wants to get to their exciting travel destination, check into their room and then be free to explore, see and eat. Layovers make you tired, bored, and also hungry, and airports are usually not known for their ability to provide healthy and tasty cuisine that doesn’t fit into the fast-food department, right?

    Well, in the case of a couple of airports in the world, you won’t have anything to complain about when it comes to the food at least, and you might even end up with some nice travel memories that you made during a layover. Here are some of the best airport restaurants in the world.

    Encounter at LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, USA

    Encounter at LAX, photo by Motohide Miwa

    The futuristic Los Angeles International Airport, also known as LAX, seems like a something out of a possible live action version of the Jetsons. And true to the atmosphere of the airport, Encounter at LAX restaurant caters to the wacky tastes of sci-fi enthusiasts.

    The food on the menu consists of American classics, arranged in delightfully weird ways, and sipping the strange colored alien cocktails at the bar are a nice way of spending a couple of hours while you wait for your flight.

    Wagamama, Heathrow, London, UK

    If you’re stuck in Heathrow for a while, you won’t find yourself without great dining options – you can take your pick between famous chef Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant or fine dining at the Caviar House. But you can also ind Wagamama, one of the hippest restaurant chains in London, serving affordable food from various Asian cuisines. Sate your hunger with delicious noodles in a sleek decor.

    Tian Xia Dumplings, Hong Kong International Airport

    photo by Toby Oxborrow

    In a big international hub like Hong Kong Airport, there is no shortage of eateries for business travelers and budget travelers alike. If you want to indulge in some local food while you wait, you can try some delicious boiled dumplings at Tian Xia.

    The restaurant’s menu has many of the quick and tasty dishes that you can find on Hong Kong’s streets, like fish soup noodles. You can create your own selection of dumplings, sauce and soup.

    Max, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

    Many airports have upscale, overpriced restaurants that turn many travelers to cheaper (and much more boring) options like international fast food chains. But if all you want is a burger when you’re in Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, you could opt for Max, a family restaurant where you can find fast-food classics like hamburgers, fries and hotdogs in a healthier, made to order version.

    Prima Taste, Singapore Changi Airport

    photo by miss_yasmina on Flickr

    Singapore Changi Airport’s food, and the airport itself as a matter of fact, are good enough to make you want to have a layover. If you don’t have time to sample the amazing Singaporean food or if you want more of it, you can stop and eat your fill at Prima Taste, which has specialties like spicy pork rib soup, Singapore chili crab or laksa.

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