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  • Bizarre restaurants around the world

    Cuisine is more popular nowadays than ever before, and no matter what type of food you prefer and what country it comes from, you can probably find a restaurant that caters to your tastes. Traditional meals are not the norm anymore, and lots of people enjoy Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian or more exotic cuisines in addition to grandma’s good old recipes.

    Nevertheless, there is the occasional restaurant which offers some more unusual choices, both in terms of cuisine and in terms of atmosphere. Here are some of the most bizarre restaurants in the world, which will satisfy both your hunger and your curiosity.

    Eternity Restaurant, Ukraine

    The name might as well have been given to any regular restaurant, however, at this restaurant in Ukraine, eternity is truly and genuinely celebrated through its eccentric decor. The restaurant was established by the owners of a funeral parlor in Truskavets, near the Polish border, who thought that it might be interesting to serve up food inside the world’s biggest coffin.

    Not only does the restaurant look like a giant coffin, but it is also decorated in a style befitting a funeral home: coffins and various other funeral paraphernalia. In addition to this, the menu contains dishes such as “Nine Day” and “Forty Day” salads (named after local funeral customs) or “Let’s meet in paradise”.

    Dinner in the Sky

    If you are tired of eating your meals confined by four walls, and picnics don’t sound exciting enough for you, here’s what you can do: eat your food literally in the sky. The guest sit at a table lifted up by a crane, and if hanging at several hundred feet does not put you off your meal, you can enjoy delicious food while admiring the beautiful scenery bellow you.

    The restaurant is based in Belgium, but is has also been “transported” to New York or Niagara Falls. The food is also supposed to be great, what with many famous chefs preparing the suspended dinner.

    Christian Cafe, Japan

    Christianity is still somewhat of a novelty for many Japanese, so the idea of a Christian Cafe doesn’t seem as wacky to the Japanese as to the Western eye. It does however seem ironic that cocktails should be served in a place decorated with statues of Jesus, Mary, Saints and other kinds of religious imagery.

    Christian Cafe is as much a restaurant as a cafe, although the food is a bit overpriced and seemingly ordinary. However, as far as unusual dining experience go, this one is quite far up the list.

    Dick’s Last Resort

    Dick’s last resort might not be famous for its mouth-watering dishes, nor its elegant decor. What makes it special is the rudeness of its staff, which, unlike at other places, is part of the experience. The restaurant employs some of the most obnoxious waiters in the world (but in their case this is a job requirement) and the place is furnished in the worst possible taste (picnic tables, no table cloths).

    If you ask for a napkin, it will be thrown to you by the waiters, and you’ll also be required to wear a bib and a paper hat with a rude message scribbled on it. The charm of the restaurant? You can be as sloppy as you want, and at least here you’re actually expecting the staff to be rude to you.

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