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  • Brazil’s stunning natural wonders

    Sancho Bay, photo by RuiBritto on Flickr

    The land of samba, carnivals and world famous beaches is clearly one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. But it’s not just the colorful culture of Brazil that attracts so many visitors, because another thing that Brazil has plenty of is natural beauty. Brazil is home to some of the most extensive rainforest in the world, to the mighty Amazon river and many other wonders of nature that you couldn’t see anywhere else in the world. Brazil’s cities might be dazzling, but every traveler should also visit Brazil’s stunning natural wonders.

  • Summer travel planning: 5 volunteering destinations

    Kathmandu, Nepal, photo by lavenderstreak on FlickrSummer is the best time for a holiday in many parts of the world, but it can also be a peak season when prices can be really high. There’s a lazy,laid back atmosphere floating around in summer that makes you want to take off to some remote part of the world and forget about work or school for a while. And while summer holidays have always been popular, a rising trend among vacationers is to go on volunteering holidays. People volunteer for a variety of reasons, some because they genuinely want to help, and others as a way of expanding their horizons and traveling far away on a tight budget. Whatever your motivations, here are some ideas for your summer travel planning: 5 volunteering destinations where you can share your skills, do some good and meet fellow travelers and locals.

  • 5 Polynesian islands to see before you die

    Savaii, photo by Jorje P. Price on Flickr

    Polynesia is made up of about a thousand islands of all sizes scattered over the Pacific Ocean – even if you visited one island per day, it would still take years to explore all the interesting nooks and crannies of this remote part of Oceania. Although the islands are split among a handful of nations, many of the islands are so small that few people (save for geography buffs and Polynesians) have even heard of them. Some of the most popular travel destinations on the planet are located in Polynesia, but for every Bora Bora or Oahu there are hundreds of other islands that are much less famous, but equally wonderful. Here are 5 Polynesian islands to see before you die, even if you don’t manage to visit all of them.

  • The best small towns in Europe

    Wengen, photo by suedtirol.altoadige on Flickr

    Is the fast-paced life on mega-cities starting to grate on your nerves? The best remedy is a trip to urban spaces where people don’t mind slowing down for a bit, where you can still stop and smell the flowers, and the sky is visible without being obstructed by hundred story tall sky scrapers. Despite having its fair share of modern cities, old Europe retains much of its classic charm, especially if you spend some time in small towns that combine the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside with all the cultural and historical attractions that you would find in larger cities. Wind down and enjoy life’s small pleasures in some of the best small towns in Europe.

  • The natural wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Perucica Forest, photo by NH53

    Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of those Balkan countries that are rarely in the limelight, unless the discussion is about tragic historical events. But event if this young country is not the ultimate European vacation destination, and fifteen years ago few travelers would have dared to visit it, the BiH of the present is one of the most singularly beautiful parts of Europe. The roads might not be too good, but public transport is cheap and widely available, the national cuisine is mouth watering and accommodation options abound for all budgets. And the most important thing about traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina is all the possibility for adventure and discovery it can offer – that, and its incredible natural beauty. Here are the natural wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for travelers who appreciate the outdoors.

  • 5 reasons to backpack in Southeast Asia

    Bangkok, photo by Divya Manian

    If that old and worn out travel cliche, the country/city/place of contradictions is to apply to anything in the world, that place must surely be Southeast Asia. Even among the many wonders of the vast and varied Asian continent, Southeast Asia stands out as one of the most colorful, rich and poor, modern and traditional and simply vibrant parts of the Earth. If you are an outsider, Southeast Asia is never quite what you’ve expected, and it will likely keep surprising you each time you return. For a backpacker, Southeast Asia is the stuff travel dreams are made of, but deciding to invest a lot of time, energy and travel funds into a tour of this region is not a decision that should be taken lightly. If you need a nudge, here are 5 reasons to backpack in Southeast Asia.

  • The best backpacker destinations in Guatemala

    photo by alq666 on Flickr

    Nowhere in Central America is the mix of Mayan and Spanish cultures more obvious than in Guatemala. This lush country with incredible natural beauty and historic sites that never cease to amaze is one of the most unforgettable destinations in Latin America. People come to Guatemala for the ubiquitous Maya heritage, for the chance to study Spanish in a colonial town, or adventure in the jungles and on rivers. Also, Guatemala is one of the cheapest destinations in Central America, which makes it ideal for backpacking. There are quite a few places in Guatemala that can easily be considered backpacker’s paradises, combining accommodation, good food and amazing things to see and do. Here are some of the best backpacker destinations in Guatemala.

  • The traveler’s guide to Petra, Jordan

    Ad Deir, photo by on Flickr

    If Petra is anything to judge by, the ancient Nabataean Empire must have been the stuff dreams are made of, especially if you’re an archaeologist or history buff. The rose-red city, half as old as time, actually dates back to the 6th century BC, but considering its age, Petra is a wonder of architecture and engineering. It’s no wonder that the city still stands even today, and its rock cut buildings have stood the test of time. Petra is the symbol of Jordan and its most popular tourist attraction, as well as one of the few remaining Nabataean sites in the Middle East (the others being in Israel, Syria, and the inaccessible Saudi Arabia). Here’s a traveler’s guide to Petra, Jordan, one of the most magnificent ancient cities today.

  • Luxury and adventure in Dubai

    photo by atomicjeep on Flickr

    Dubai is one of those places that first pop into mind when you think luxury travel. This small emirate, part of the UAE, is the size of a city state, and that’s what it feels like: a tiny, highly-concetrated den of luxury, glamor and modern architecture. Although, you can find the best hotels in Dubai with, but there is more to do on this pleasure city than shopping, gorging yourself on overpriced delicacies and lounging about poolsides. Although Dubai is known mostly for catering to the rich and the lazy, more adventurous sorts will have plenty to do around here. Luxury and adventure in Dubai are definitely not mutually exclusive, so here’s what you can do during your holiday if you need to get a shot of excitement.

  • 5 amazing things to do in Tonga

    photo by Sarah Kelemen on Flickr

    Tonga is one of those places that stand out from the crowd, so if you want to experience something unique in the already fascinating Polynesian islands, you can’t go wrong with this island nation. As opposed to most neighboring nations, Tonga has managed to escape colonization, and thanks to the warm welcome it gave to its would be colonizers in the 18th century, it was nicknamed the ‘Friendly Islands’. And apart from heart-stoppingly beautiful, friendly is the best word to describe Tonga even now. Traditional culture lives alongside every modern amenity you could imagine in Tonga, and while there are plenty of high class resorts for luxury travelers, the appeal of Tonga lies in its untainted culture. Here are 5 amazing things to do in Tonga, for the curious traveler.

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