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  • Halloween Travel Destinations for 2010

    I have a theory that there are two categories of people: those who love Halloween, and those who hate it. And both have good reasons to go off traveling around October 31. If you don’t want to deal with the crowds of children knocking at your door to beg for candy, you should just take a trip somewhere.

    And if you love Halloween, then there’s all the more reason to celebrate it in an original fashion. And since it’s Halloween destinations we’re talking about, it has to be something even remotely spooky, mysterious or downright scary. So here’s our list of the best Halloween travel destinations for 2010.

  • Top 10 countries to visit in 2011

    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    2010 is slowly drawing to an end, and if in this year’s New Years resolutions you decided to visit a few places you’ve never seen before, you still have time to tick a few destinations off your list. Three months is plenty of time to decide on a destination or two, so if you haven’t taken any time off last summer, you can compensate with a nice, long holiday now.

    But here’s a suggestion: start planning for 2011, and make next year your personal ‘travel year’! What makes a country end up on a top 10 list for 2011? Well, there can be plenty of reasons: budding tourist sector, amazing attractions, cheap travel, great cuisine. So here’s our list of the countries you should definitely visit in 2011.

  • Top 5 castle hotels in Britain

    castle hotel britainI’m sure that everyone has fantasized at some point of their lives about living in a vast castle, being waited on hand and foot and generally being treated like royalty. And while not everyone can afford to buy a castle (with the exception of celebrities), now it is possible to spend a few nights in a castle-turned-hotel, and imagine for a little while that you’re the mistress or master of a beautiful, ancient castle. So start saving up, and spend an unforgettable holiday at one of these fancy castle-hotels on our top five list.

  • Top 10 Mexico beaches

    Acapulco seen from above

    Acapulco seen from above

    When you think Mexico, you think mysterious Mayan ruins, good food, but most importantly, you think beaches. And now that in some parts of the world winter is drawing near, it’s just about time you started planing a long, relaxing holiday at the beach.

    The pristine beaches of Mexico are just the thing you need. Whether you want to lounge on the coast of the Pacific or in the bays of the Caribbean, Mexico has lots of lovely beaches. So pack your swimming suit and take a look at this list of the ten best beaches in Mexico.

  • Top 5 Australia beaches

    If we are to completely ignore geographically accurate terminology, we could say that Australia is one, big, island (but as travelers we do know that it’s in fact a continent :P). And big islands have big beaches, and not only that, but many of them, too.

    Australia is a Mecca for beach-goers, precisely because there is so much to choose from, 11, 011 beaches to be more precise (that’s more than in any other country on the planet). 85% of the Australian people, lucky devils, live within an hour’s drive from the beach. So no matter whether you like deserted beaches or crowded ones where you can party, you will find it in Oz. And to make your choice even easier, here are the top 5 beaches in Australia.

  • Top 10 Christmas destinations in 2010


    I know that there are still three months left before Christmas, but it’s never too soon to organize the perfect holiday, right? There are a lot of things to take care of, for example booking plane tickets, accommodation, thinking about who to go with (family, friends, or only a romantic holiday for two?), and the most important decision of them all: where to go.

    Christmas (or Hanukkah, or whatever it is that you’re celebrating at the end of the year) is the most important holiday ever, because after months of hard work you finally get to relax and enjoy yourself. So let’s start planning already, and to help you, here are the hottest Christmas destinations for 2010.

  • Amazing places: Snowdonia, Wales

    I remembered when I first heard about Snowdonia, and I was convinced that it was some kind of imaginary country in a story, or something similar. It sounded like some kind of country of eternal snow, with icy mountains, valleys, lakes and forests. Well, as it turned out, I was not that far from the truth. Snowdonia is a magical place indeed, although not as ice-covered as I thought when I was a kid. Visiting it is rather surreal though, like seeing a place that doesn’t really fit into the reality you’re used to.

    A truly unique place, Snowdonia National Park is a great destination for those who like hiking and trekking in unusual (or unusually beautiful) places, and if you ask me, if the Lord of the Rings hadn’t been filmed in New Zealand, Snowdonia would have been an equally inspired choice.

  • Top 5 cheesy tourist attractions in Europe

    When visiting something for the first time, there are some unwritten rules that most people choose to obey. No matter how well known, boring or downright cheesy, some tourist attractions simply must be seen, even if you feel like you know them already.

    Otherwise, you will have less to boast of when you return home. It might seem like a waste of precious holiday time, but imagine returning home from Paris and telling everyone that you haven’t seen the Eiffel Tower, or that you didn’t even glance in the direction of the Louvre. Well, if you want to avoid this rather unpleasant situation, check out this list of absolutely cheesy tourist attractions that you absolutely have to visit.

  • Off the beaten path: Suriname

    Some countries attract billions of tourists every year, and some simply don’t, and it’s not always a matter of how many attractions they posses. And while for the mainstream, these countries hold little importance, they are a haven for backpackers and tourists who want to get off the beaten path every once in a while.

    Suriname hasn’t made a name for itself in the international tourist section, but not because it lacks natural beauties, cultural heritage or historical sites. Suriname calls itself ‘the beating heart of the Amazon’, and indeed it is an lovely mix of colonial cities, pure jungles and a lively, multicultural atmosphere.

  • 5 cool technology free holiday destinations

    Technology is great, and very few people can deny that our lives are really much better since we’ve got our laptops, phones, cable TV and the internet. But sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to be surrounded by so many technological gadgets, and I’m sure all of you have felt the need to just cut lose, and go back to simple, pure nature.

    Even when traveling, it’s next to impossible to part with our trusted phones, or avoid sending an e-mail back home – and it’s a great thing (imagine waiting for regular post to arrive…or the pigeon post!). But if you want to reduce your contact with tech stuff to minimum for a few days, here are some good tech free destinations where you can sit back and get united with nature.

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