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  • Top 10 Mexico beaches

    Acapulco seen from above

    Acapulco seen from above

    When you think Mexico, you think mysterious Mayan ruins, good food, but most importantly, you think beaches. And now that in some parts of the world winter is drawing near, it’s just about time you started planing a long, relaxing holiday at the beach.

    The pristine beaches of Mexico are just the thing you need. Whether you want to lounge on the coast of the Pacific or in the bays of the Caribbean, Mexico has lots of lovely beaches. So pack your swimming suit and take a look at this list of the ten best beaches in Mexico.

    1. Maroma Beach

    Maroma beach is possible the best beach hideaway in Mexico, and not only is it a dreamy holiday destination, but also a place where the protection of the environment works hand in hand with the beach resorts.

    Maroma is located at about 30 miles from Cancun, on the coast of Yucatan. Compared to Cancun, Maroma is a lot more quiet and peaceful, and it is a perfect destination if you are planning a family holiday.

    2. Cabo San Lucas

    Not as bustling as some other beaches, but perfect for amateur fishermen. Also, there is an amazing variety of corals and water creatures on the coast of Cabo San Lucas, which makes it particularly well suited for scuba diving. What’s great about Cabo is that there is accommodation and activities for every price range.

    3. Puerto Vallarta

    Puerto Vallarta is not only a fun beach destination, but it also has a lot to offer when it comes to cultural activities. The town is cheerful and still retains a somewhat historic feel thanks to the cobbled streets and neo-classical buildings. Ideal for a longer holiday.

    4. Todos Santos

    Todos Santos is a small but vibrant town which hasn’t always been a tourist destination, but thanks to the rising popularity of Cabo San Lucas, people discovered the amazing potential of Todos Santos as well, which lies on the road to Cabo. The beach has some great surfing spots, and the town is full of arts and crafts shops where you can get your share of souvenirs.

    5. Acapulco

    No list of Mexican beaches can be complete without mentioning Acapulco, the archetypal Mexican beach resort. It is a favorite among the rich and famous, and for good reason. The beaches are amazing, and there’s a lot of nightlife going on, plus there are some utterly mouth-watering restaurants as well.

    6. Mazatlan

    Mazatlan is a very diverse city which manages to combine multiculturalism, historical heritage and some fine beaches. The city is just as worthy of being visited as the beaches, and at the end of a day of swimming and suntanning you can be sure to find something exciting to do at night too.

    7. Isla Holbox

    Isla Holbox is a pristine, untouched island on the coast of Yucatan, where modern beach resorts haven’t left their mark yet. No luxury restaurants or hotels, just the simple joy of living. Isla Holbox feels like thousands of miles away from civilization, and it is a great place to hide from the stress of daily life.

    8. Rincon de Guayabitos

    Rincon de Guayabitos is very close to Puerto Vallarta, so if you don’t want to stick to only one place, you should really visit this friendly beach town with  a distinctly Mexican feel. It’s not one of those beaches that you can have all to yourself, but it has a great atmosphere, especially on Weekends where the local families spend the day at the beach.

    9. Playa Manzanillo

    Playa Manzanillo is another beach which tends to be popular with the locals, and sometimes gets a bit crowded, but its a fun destination nonetheless. Price-wise it is very affordable, and you can lounge all day long at the beach on a rented beach chair or umbrella, drinking domestic beer, without excessive damage to your budget.

    10. East Cape

    The East Cape of Baja Peninsula is known chiefly as a sports fishing destination, and it is quite difficult to reach (the roads are not in a very good shape), but the advantage is that not many people tend to visit it, and you can have it all to yourself if you’re lucky. The landscape looks wilder than what you can see at more popular beaches, but that’s the beauty of it.

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