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  • Best Water Parks in the USA

    Hot summer weekends are here and everybody is weighing their options for a rightfully earned vacation that is sure to include fun-filled activities, cool cocktails and tasty dishes, recreation and quality-time alongside their family. Well, for those who fell like cooling off and enjoying the sun-drench days, there is the possibility to book a vacation package to a seaside resort or to buy a ticket to one of the best water parks across the United States. Going for the latter option can help you save yourself a mint of money and in the same time rejoice the thrill of the rides on a water slide, the relaxation when riding in a tube on the lazy river and arriving eventually in a wave pool. Plus, your kids will be delighted to dabble all day long. Therefore, glimpse at our top comprising the American water parks that are worth a visit and put together an affordable easy escape.

  • Top 5 Best Zoos across the USA

    When travelling with your children, it’s very difficult to find a holiday destination that is sure to meet your tastes and that of your little ones as well. Since kids are after games, sports and in most of the cases their lack of patience doesn’t match the idea of a tour featuring important monuments and museums,  we advise you to consider including in your travelling itinerary a trip to one of the best zoos in the country. Apart from being an educative experience for your children providing them with information on multiple species, such a visit can turn into a fun-filled manner to spend time with your family…not to mention that most of these zoos are home to some endangered species that no longer live in the wild and the only way to ever see them is by paying a visit to these facilities.

  • Best Amusement Parks Worldwide

    Is there a carousel, a cotton candy, an intense roller coaster ride or an acrobatic show in your near future plans? If not, you should weight your options well as amusement parks are sure to quench both your needs and your child’s providing a ton of fun, tasty food that you can grab from one of the restaurants or kiosks that are lined up within the theme park or enjoy multiple games of chance. And let’s face it…what can be more fun than tossing a colored ring and attempting for it to go through a bottleneck? Provided we managed to draw your attention, let us countdown the best amusement parks scattered across the world.

  • Pocket-Friendly Objectives Across USA

    The United States is home to top-notch, expensive cities worldly reckoned for their exclusive, luxurious restaurants, seven-star hotels and glossy shops. The American territory is crowded with travel destinations that are sure to quench every traveler’s needs:  magnificent landscapes created by The Grand Canyon or the Niagara Falls, amusement parks like the Disneyland Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park or other famous landmarks such as the Universal Studios Hollywood Park, the sun-drenched Waikiki Beach or Times Square.  While the beauty of the landmarks will leave you breathless, the price of a tour/vacation in the USA will have you running for the hills. However, a pocket-friendly vacation is possible even in the most expensive states on the American continent, proving that some well-done research can provide you with unexpected travelling gems and in the same time can help you save a mint. So let us countdown the free objectives across the USA that deserve your attention during these belt-tightening times.

  • Pocket-Friendly Objectives in Europe

    Europe boasts with spectacular capital cities that house elegant, history-soaked buildings, museums, parks, piazzas and feature a cultural majesty. They are crowed with fine restaurants, glossy shops and trademarks that pinpoint their particular identity. However, it is well-known that a tour of Europe might empty your pockets right away. Well, you can now enjoy this adventure and plan a low-budget travel by inserting in your itinerary only the pocket-friendly European objectives…because even in the most expensive cities you can find cheap rates. Some research is needed, but that’s where we step in! Just check out the free of charge objectives in Europe and mark on your agenda some dates to get there on time!

  • Tips for Travelling Cheap

    The economic recession spread across the world caused some changes in the tourism industry and made the travelers savvier and more temperate when it comes to travelling expenses. And since many of the travelers are not willing to pay a bundle for a vacation in a seaside resort or for a tour, travel agencies and flying companies are continuously launching all sorts of deals to draw their clients. However, apart from catching a deal, there are some tricks and tips that you could take into account in these tight- belting times in order to have a great time when vacationing and in the same time not to exhaust your financial resources. In a nutshell, here are some useful tips for travelling cheap.

  • Tasty destinations: Top Food Festivals Worldwide

    Each trip comes with a different destination and features a separate goal. You visit Paris to make a tour of the most important museums, history-soaked buildings and to gaze at the Eiffel Tower, you go to the Caribbean to bake yourself under the sun, to relax on a comfy beach chair or to do all sorts of water sports or you can make Austria your destination for a top-notch ski resort. Therefore, travelling is all about discovering new places, relaxing, admiring architectural or natural wonders that are famous worldwide. However, there is another goal that adventure-seekers may have in mind when travelling and that is…food! Well, to be more precisely food adorned with fun and served each year at the most exquisite food festivals across the world! Every year, the food festivals draw many tourists fond of dainties, but also curious travelers eager to taste the traditional dishes and local veggies and fruit displayed.

  • Best French Camping Sites

    Everyone needs a little bit of adventure now and then. So why not plan a trip in one of the best French camping sites? Pack your tent and prepare to pitch it in France’s overwhelming wine country dotted by farmhouses and featuring amazing medieval towns and fine weather. Moreover, apart from being quite an affordable option that is sure not to leave your packets empty, camping offers you the possibility to discover the nature and to live an exciting experience without any advanced technology… and that’s quite a challenge, isn’t it?

    Either located on the banks of rivers or overlooking spectacular mountain cliffs and gorges, the French camping sites are sure to impress you. Therefore, take a glance at the best camping sites on France’s map where you could unzip your tent and spend a magnificent vacation.

  • Top 5 Hotel Castles in Europe

    In the world that we live in, there are countless possibilities for traveling. It all depends on each traveler’s interest, budget and time. Certain countries with a long tradition and featuring amazing natural scenery are continuously putting into practice tourism strategies in order to draw a great number of travelers willing to spend fun-filled days and nights. As a result of these strategies, many castles dotting the European continent where kings and queens used to live changed their functionality and became nowadays luxurious hotels providing the tourists with an unrivalled ambiance. Therefore, let us countdown the most spectacular castles in England, France and Scotland that were converted into unique hotels where one could enjoy the facilities that were once reserved to the blue-blooded people.

  • Green Destinations: US National Parks

    Let’s face it! When it comes to travelling, there is no accounting for tastes! While for some travelers the idea of a perfect holiday destination includes a nice hotel, a city tour dotted by important monuments and history-soaked buildings, nature-lovers want to go hiking and seek for green destinations like car-free islands (such as Dry Tortugas National Park) or spend their time in a cottage hidden at the foot of a snow-covered mountain. The National Parks on the American territory are included on the list of green destinations as well, being visited not only by the nature-going aficionados, but by everyone longing to breathe fresh air and gaze at the amazing fauna and flora. In a period when everyone seems to struggle against pollution, why not choosing an eco-friendly destination? Provided you decided to go green, here’s a top comprising the National Parks in the USA housing impressive and rare species of plants and animals.

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