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  • Best Amusement Parks Worldwide

    Is there a carousel, a cotton candy, an intense roller coaster ride or an acrobatic show in your near future plans? If not, you should weight your options well as amusement parks are sure to quench both your needs and your child’s providing a ton of fun, tasty food that you can grab from one of the restaurants or kiosks that are lined up within the theme park or enjoy multiple games of chance. And let’s face it…what can be more fun than tossing a colored ring and attempting for it to go through a bottleneck? Provided we managed to draw your attention, let us countdown the best amusement parks scattered across the world.

    Cedar Point

    Located in Ohio, United States, this amusement park draws many thrill-seekers who can’t wait to enjoy a ride on Top Thrill Dragster, a roller coaster which currently holds the record for being both the tallest and the fastest worldwide. Nevertheless, if you think you cannot steel your nerves for such an adrenaline-filled experience dotted by unexpected drops, super speed and tall vertical loop, play mini golf or enjoy another ride like Space Spiral or Antique Cars alongside your children. You could also watch Snoopy’s Big Bow Wow On Ice and spend some time together laughing. Best of all, you don’t have to use all your money when booking a ticket to the park as it features each season hot deals that can help you take off some bucks from the total rate.


    Probably the most well-known theme park in the world, Disney creates a fantasy word that seems detached from a fairytale. It is populated by magic characters that put a smile on every child’s face like: Minnie or Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto which all happen to be human-sized. Not to mention Cinderella’s castle which proves fairytales, princesses and princes are more real than ever.  Actually, all four Disney locations Anaheim (California), Orlando (Florida), Tokyo and Paris have it all: fun, exciting rides, mouth-watering food that you can taste in one of the many restaurants, great games, animal parks.

    Asterix Park

    Situated in the north of the French capital, and named after the funny cartoon character, the Asterix amusement park is home to all the characters in the comic books and mythology-related. You can experience the adrenaline rush by purchasing a ticket to rides such as the Flight of Icarus, Caesar’s Spies, and Descent Along the Styx. Other entertainment sources are the “Theft of Mona Lisa” and the “Musketeers” shows. There is also a ring of 40 candy shops and multiple restaurants featuring traditional dishes or fast food (not healthy!) a delight for your taste buds.

    Ratanga Junction

    Built just three years ago, this amusement park is situated outside Cape Town, in Africa. Ratanga is destined to offer to the most daring riders the ultimate, soul-stirring experience of their lives.   Numbering about 26 rides, there is something here for all ages to enjoy: dizziness-inducing drops for roller-coaster fans like the Tarantula to soft rides for children such as The Hippo Hollow.


    The South Korean largest amusement park has quite some history, first opening its doors to the visitors in 1976. Currently it is composed of three theme parks: Festival World, Caribbean Bay and the Speedway. While the Festival World houses seasonal celebrations such as the Tulip Festival and a wild-animal zoo, the Caribbean Bay is like a refreshing oasis, harbouring water amenities. As for the food, the blend between the Korean and the American dishes is sure to meet every tourist’s taste.

    All in all, a visit to one of these amusement parks is a great manner to spend your spare time alongside the one you love. Such a trip can turn into an affordable deal one you catch the deals pumped up continuously by the park’s managers. And when you decide to head back home, leaving behind fun-filled days, do not forget to some plus-toy gifts or a pair of mouse ears!

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