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  • The best tourist attractions in Martinique

    photo by Fabrice Terrasson

    Martinique is a Caribbean island that is actually an overseas department of France, and a great place for a holiday that somehow manages to combine the charm of the French Riviera with the excitement of the Caribbean. The island has some lovely beaches (some of them with spectacular dark sand), as well as dense rain forests, mountains and some picturesque beach towns. There are lots of interesting places to see on this picturesque island, so here are the best tourist attractions in Martinique.

  • Top 5 islands for pirate fans

    Pirate films and pirate fiction are insanely popular now, and so are ‘pirate-flavored’ destinations! Pirate themed cruises are yet to be launched, but surely it’s just a matter of time. Until then, there are plenty of piratey islands where you can live out your fascination with swashbuckling, pillaging and sailing. Those islands where films like Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed are very much real, and some of them actually have a history of being pirate-dens. So for tourists who want to embrace their inner pirate, here are the top 5 islands for pirate fans.

  • The best rafting destinations in the world

    Some people don’t take the heat of the summer very well, and are not exactly fond of sunny beaches and dolce far niente when there are much more exciting thing to do. Things like rafting, or example, ad adrenaline laden sport that will not only make your blood race, but will also cool you off. If the best for of summer relaxation for you is a good rafting trip on some of the most dangerous and wild rivers on the planet, here are some destinations that you might find interesting – the best rafting destinations in the world.

  • The most amazing beaches in the Mediterranean

    TaorminaIf you are planning on spending your summer in Europe, you will probably want to do a great deal of sightseeing, but you will also probably want to take it easy for a while and just relax without a worry in the world. And what better place for some god old fashioned lazing than the beach? The coasts of the Mediterranean have more pristine beaches than you could wish for. From secluded stretches of sand hidden away from sight, to popular beaches where there seems to be a party going on at all times of the day, there’s something for everyone on some of the most amazing beaches in the Mediterranean.

  • The best animal adventures in the world

    If you really love animals (as in wild animals, not just pets) and you are the kind of person who can happily spend hours watching a nature documentary, then how about seeing the real thing? Even if you don’t completely trust your skills of survival in the wilderness, there are lots of safe alternatives to trekking in the wild – for example you can book a tour. Whether you want to get really close to animals or just stay withing watching distance, there are plenty of destinations that can allow you to answer the call of the wild, so here are the best animal adventures in the world.

  • The most extreme adventure travel destinations

    Road of Death, photo by Jimmy Harris

    If you’re one of those travelers who can’t enjoy a trip unless there’s a decent dose of adrenaline involved, then you’re probably looking for something a little more dangerous than you’re run of the mill holiday destination. Hotels, nice spas or regular sightseeing are great, but when you want to feel the blood rush in your veins, you are probably in need of a few of the most extreme adventure travel destinations. So gather up your adventure gear and read on to find about some destinations that you  might like.

  • Solo travel destinations for summer 2011

    Vis, Croatia

    Now that it’s summer, it’s time to go traveling, but not necessarily with a big group of boisterous friends (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Traveling solo is one of those experience that everyone should try at least once in their life – it opens up your mind, allows you to test your limits, as well as meet a bunch of interesting new people who might teach you a thing or two about travel, and life in general. So if you are preparing to go on a solo journey this summer, but you are not sure what destination to pick, here are some suggestions for some amazing solo travel destinations for summer 2011.

  • The most beautiful lakes in the world

    Plitvice Lakes

    Going to the seaside is not for everyone – some people just dislike salt-water beaches as a personal preference. Maybe you are the type of traveler who prefers a hilly or mountainous scenery, less seagulls and swimming in smaller, tidy lakes rather than the open sea. In any case, there are lots of lakes in the world that make a great destination, whether you’re up for a swim or you just want to relax close to water. You can take your pick of the most beautiful lakes in the world and have an amazing lakeside summer holiday!

  • The best music festivals in the US

    For decades, music festivals have entertained music fans everywhere by offering them a place where they could gather at least once a year, listen to their favorite bands, dance and just generally feel free. There are literally hundreds of music festivals in the US, some of them focusing on only one genre of music, others mixing everything and drawing huge crowds. But it’s not just the music that counts at a music festival – it’s also the general feel, the rest of the activities, and the number of people attending. So if you’re ready to have a blast, here are some of the best music festivals in the US.

  • Top 5 paragliding destinations in the world

    For an adrenaline junkie, paragliding is one of the most exciting adventures you can try. If you’re one of those people who are just n satisfied with keeping their feet on the ground, you can give yourself some artificial wings and see the world from above. There are tons of beautiful places on the planet which would look astounding from the air, but when it comes to paragliding, it’s better to stick with destinations that have been tried before and are known to be safe (as safe as it can get with an extreme sport, anyway). So for the curious adventurers, here are the top 5 paragliding destinations in the world.

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