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  • The best animal adventures in the world

    If you really love animals (as in wild animals, not just pets) and you are the kind of person who can happily spend hours watching a nature documentary, then how about seeing the real thing? Even if you don’t completely trust your skills of survival in the wilderness, there are lots of safe alternatives to trekking in the wild – for example you can book a tour.

    Whether you want to get really close to animals or just stay withing watching distance, there are plenty of destinations that can allow you to answer the call of the wild, so here are the best animal adventures in the world.

    Australia – Crocodile Adventures

    Downunder is teeming with crocodiles (well, not everywhere) and there are lots of tour operators that are prepared to pack you on a boat and show you some of these fearsome big lizards in their natural habitats. Crocs on Adelaide River, for example, can be seen from a sturdy ship, but if you want to get a bit closer to the crocodiles, some tour agencies will allow you to see them from a small boat, literally feet away from them!

    Florida Keys, Florida, US – Dolphin watching

    One of the best places to watch dolphins in the US is in Florida, where there are several sites where you can be sure to see some of the frolicking marine mammals in action.

    The islands of Florida Keys are really great for dolphin watching, and you can see them sometimes when walking on a beach. If you want to make sure you see some dolphins, you can book a tour, and that way you might even get to swim with them.

    Lesio Louna Gorilla Reserve, Republic of Congo

    Lesio Louna Gorilla Reserve is dedicated to the protection of the local gorilla populations. The park was established in 1994, and although it started out with a handful of gorillas, but today there are two groups, and a third one will soon be introduced. You can take a day trip to see the animals, and you can even spend the night at the tourist facilities adjacent to the park’s research station.

    Galapagos – animal watching

    Darwin’s theory of natural selection was most likely shaped when he visited Galapagos, an archipelago which is famous for its unique and diverse wildlife. It is not possible to roam freely on the islands (not only because the species are protected, but also because some of them can be quite dangerous), but there are tour guides that can take you to some of the most interesting spots.

    Andes, Argentina – horseback riding

    Follow ancient paths in the Andes on horseback, and embark on adventures that can last even for a couple of weeks. The rugged volcanic terrain doesn’t make for an easy ride, but you get to see some amazing landscapes in the most authentic way possible. There are several horseback riding tours in Mendoza province, some of which will take you partly up to Aconcagua, one of the highest mountains on the planet.

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