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  • Dallas to Tokyo Cheap Flights with All Nippon

    Tokyo skyline

    Tokyo skyline ©Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

    One of the best destinations you can imagine for a spring vacation is Japan, the millions of blooming cherry flowers will enchant you for a lifetime and the greening Japanese gardens are magical! That is why we bring you these Dallas to Tokyo cheap flights for $874 r/t with taxes. Fly with All Nippon in March 2015 and save hundreds on your ticket compared to the other airlines.

  • Top 5 big city destinations in the world

    Seoul skyline

    Seoul skyline ©Joop/Flickr

    Not everyone is a great fan of beaches, mountains or other natural attractions. Some prefer the business of urban areas, the lifestyle, the multitude of experiences, the variety of entertainment options.

    That is why we have gathered for you the top 5 city destinations in the world with some info so you can decide which metropolis do you want to visit during your next city break or even a longer vacation.

  • Nest Hotel Naha in Okinawa under $50/night

    Nest Hotel Naha in Okinawa

    Nest Hotel Naha in Okinawa ©

    Would you like to visit Japan this spring? We found you a hotel deal that you may like. Book today the Nest Hotel Naha in Okinawa under $50/night instead of $70 and save money. The price is per night for two people and the date is April 6-8, 2014.

  • Things to know before visiting Okinawa

    Eating with chopsticks

    Eating with chopsticks ©Brandon Conelly/Flickr

    You might also call this post things to know before visiting Japan, as the rules of politeness that follow are quite general, apply for the whole country. However now it concentrates on how to treat the locals in Okinawa, this less known but not less lovely part of the island nation, and how you can expect to be treated.

    If you believe I have missed something and there are more things to know before visiting Okinawa, feel free to raise your voice in the comment section! 

  • Japan airfares on sale from $874 r/t

    Night view over Tokyo

    Tokyo by night ©Kondo Atsushi/Flickr

    This week Travelgrove’s deal hunters have found great offers again, including Japan airfares from $875 r/t - with taxes. Now that tickets are on sale, you can discover the exotic Japan for less. Travel between September and December to get the best rate.

    You want something closer to home? Get Bahamas cruises from $210 pp, Riviera Maya escapes from $399 pp or Vegas hotels from $42 pn. Book before the best offers sell out!

  • The world’s weirdest shopping malls

    Bullring, photo by Ell Brown on Flickr

    If your tastes in architecture run towards the more classical styles, you can’t help but feel baffled by the turn that modern architecture is taking, and how everything built recently looks more and more like props from a sci-fi movie.

    But love it or hate it, today’s new buildings look really intriguing, and it’s ot that crazy to travel somewhere just to see the newest and weirdest masterpiece of an eccentric architect. Shopping malls have been around for a while, but they are no strangers to bizarre styles.

    Some malls might seem completely generic, just a place for shops to take up space, but others look completely out of this world. Here are some of the world’s weirdest shopping malls, for the viewing pleasure of travelers who like to see out strange things.

  • The best markets and bazaars in the world

    Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, photo by mwanasimba on Flickr

    If you really want to discover the heart of a city, don’t look for it in the nicely polished and renovated historical centers, sleek business and shopping districts, or even small cozy neighborhoods. More often than not, it’s enough to visit the biggest market of a particular destination to see all the things that define it.

    For a traveler, markets might be a good source of souvenirs or cheap food, but they can also be attractions by themselves, showcasing the diversity and mundane bustle of a city. You don’t even need to shop to enjoy a trip to some of the best markets and bazaars in the world, even if the temptation will be hard to resist for many.

  • The most fascinating ghost towns in Asia

    Dhanushkodi, photo by -Chandra- on Flickr

    Ghost towns with creaking saloon doors and the occasional tumbleweed are interesting relics of the American wild west, but ghost towns can be creepy, unsettling and completely fascinating wherever they are. The thing about ghost towns is that they mostly manage to fool you by looking like they are still inhabitable, and yet there is no other soul in sight except you, or some other travelers in search of new experiences.

    Asia’s ghost towns are particularly intriguing, even if some of them have never even had any inhabitants. All of these places have some interesting and often morbid story to tell, and all of them will make a shiver go down your spine. Here are some of the most fascinating ghost towns in Asia.

  • The most spectacular volcanoes in Asia

    Mount Bromo, photo by Michael Day on Flickr

    Volcanoes might seem like lava spitting, smoke belching hell machines (and they really are that, if you happen to live at the base of an active volcano), but travelers with a sense of adventure will always want to see them in person, simply because volcanoes tend to be some of the most impressive natural sites on the planet.

    Whether you want to see a destructive force of nature from a safe distance, or to see the extinct remains of a volcano that has most certainly terrorized a lot of people in the past, you should head to the Asian continent, home to some of the most impressive volcanoes on the planet. If you like visiting exciting natural sites, travel to see some of the most spectacular volcanoes in Asia.

  • Unusual table manner tips from around the world

    photo by Sergio Russo on Flickr

    If you were ever been constantly told to mind your table manners, especially when you’re at someone else’s place, you can forget this piece of advice when you’re traveling. In fact, being careful with dining etiquette is very important when abroad, but when you’re in a country whose culture is very different from your own, one of the first things you have to do if forget the dos and don’ts that you learned as a kind.

    In a foreign country, the food might not be the only thing that’s different – the way you have to eat it is also unexpected. So if you want to avoid looking like a barbarian next time you’re dining out in a foreign country, here are some unusual table manner tips.

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