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  • Top 5 big city destinations in the world

    Seoul skyline

    Seoul skyline ©Joop/Flickr

    Not everyone is a great fan of beaches, mountains or other natural attractions. Some prefer the business of urban areas, the lifestyle, the multitude of experiences, the variety of entertainment options.

    That is why we have gathered for you the top 5 city destinations in the world with some info so you can decide which metropolis do you want to visit during your next city break or even a longer vacation.

    Visiting a big city

    No matter how you get to your city break destination, you will probably need a car to get around easier. Whether you rent a car or you bring your own, you should take a look at Michelin’s short video about the efforts they make to create the perfect tire.

    New York City, United States

    There is not another city in the US and perhaps in the whole world that is as diverse as New York. All the major cuisines and of course cultures of the world are represented here and there are so many places for relaxation and entertainment that really everyone can find something for themselves.

    Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul skyline

    Seoul skyline ©Joop/Flickr

    The East Asian metropolis is probably the largest in the region. The city is huge, but you can get around fairly easily and what is more important, you sample all the tastes of Asia in the many restaurants and small vendors dedicated to Asian cuisine.

    Tokyo, Japan

    There is no doubt that the Japanese capital is the largest metropolis on Earth. It is a massive megapolis and a little difficult for an outsider but if you have the courage, you will never run out of new restaurants to discover, historical sites to visit and the culture to admire.

    Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona harbor

    Barcelona harbor ©Fraser Mummery/Flickr

    The Spanish city is a famously perfect mixture of old and new, historical and modern. Apart from the genuine Mediterranean atmosphere, the city has got hundreds of restaurants, one better than the other, plus amazing nightlife. When you get tired of the business of city life, you can relax on the beautiful beaches of the area.

    Singapore, Singapore

    Another big city in Asia that is easy to get around. Also, it is very safe, a clean place and one of the best places for shopping in the world. The tropical weather the dominates all the year makes Singapore an even better destination and you should keep in mind that the city also has amazing art scenes and restaurants.

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