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  • 5 delights of Turkish cuisine

    İşkembe, photo by Tannazie on Flickr

    Turkey is located at the crossroads of the East and the West, and it has one of the riches and most interesting histories in the world, one dotted with victories, defeats, battles and legendary figures. For the history buff, Turkey is a treasure trove of fascinating places and age-old  monuments, but the weary traveler who wants nothing more than unwind will also find a haven of sun, beaches and lovely scenery in this country. However, those who will probably have the most fun in Turkey are foodies – the maddening mix of Eastern spices, Ottoman delicacies and Balkan dishes make Turkish cuisine one of the best in the world. Here are 5 delights of Turkish cuisine that not even the pickiest traveler can ignore.

  • 5 amazing things to do in Trinidad and Tobago

    Pitch Lake, photo by Shriram Rajagopalan

    Trinidad and Tobago might not features as prominently in tourist guides as some other Caribbean nations, but this cluster of island is a true (and often neglected) gem. As one of the most industrialized and wealthy Caribbean countries, Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t need to rely all that much on tourism, which means that there is a lot of virtually unspoilt scenery and even some natural attractions that few people from outside the islands have seen. Although both Trinidad and Tobago are mixes and jumbles of cultures, the two islands can seem quite different, with Trinidad the financial and industrial center (more cities, more nightlife, more shopping), while Tobago relies more on tourism and its natural beauty. Here are 5 amazing things to do in Trinidad and Tobago.

  • 5 stunning attractions in Malta

    Valletta, photo by Robin on Flickr

    The tiny Maltese archipelago, with only three inhabited islands and even those mostly rocky, doesn’t sound like much, but it has one of the most incredibly rich histories and cultures in Europe. Malta’s has been inhabited since the stone age, and it is a melting pot of cultures from all around the Mediterranean region. The cuisine has Sicilian influences, the language is based on Arabic, and the culture was marked by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Crusaders, the French and the British, who made it into a colony. Today, Malta has many things to be proud of, and just as many things to show to its visitors. Here are 5 stunning attractions in Malta.

  • The weirdest desserts in the world and where to eat them

    Deep-fried Mars bar, photo by audrey_sel

    The world is full of bizarre and often unexpectedly tasty foods that you can find when you travel, but savory dishes are not the only ones that your palate might find appealing. If you’re not quite ready for fried tarantulas or other assorted oddities, maybe starting with the dessert is not a bad idea. Having a sweet tooth will usually be enough to get you though a portion of dessert, but your taste buds should expect to be surprised in any case. Here are some of the weirdest desserts in the world and where you can eat them.

  • The traveler’s guide to Swaziland

    photo by Jasper van der Meij

    Swaziland is only a tiny speck on the map of Africa, but this tiny country definitely knows how to pack a punch. Although an absolute monarchy (one of the oldest monarchies in Africa, in fact) and despite problems with poverty, Swaziland is famous for its friendly people, great tourist facilities and some very interesting attractions. Rich wildlife, beautiful scenery and fascinating culture is what you can find in this amazing country. Swaziland might not have huge national parks and large cities, but even in its miniature size it has more than enough attractions to entertain any tourist. Here’s a traveler’s guide to Swaziland.

  • Cruising on the Amazon: tips and tricks

    photo by lollyknit

    The Amazonian rainforest is the stuff of legends, there’s no question about it. From documentaries, photo albums, films and books, anthropological studies and travel stories, the might Amazon has acquired a fame like nothing else on the planet. The Amazon rainforest is the largest and richest tropical rainforest on the planet, while the Amazon river is the second longest in the world, and has the highest waterflow of all the rivers on Earth. I would take years if not more for a traveler to wade through the jungle, but there’s an easiest and fastest way to glimpse some of the wonders of the Amazon, without turning into Indiana Jones – taking a cruise on the river. Here are some things to know for a traveler planning on cruising on the Amazon: tips and tricks.

  • The best Eastern European spa destinations

    Karlovy Vary, photo by Vladislav Bezrukov

    Spas are travel destinations for those who want nothing to do with anything that could be exhausting. After all, the whole point of going to a spa is to lie about, doing nothing, while you get slathered with treatments and massaged until you come out looking like a new person. Eastern Europe, on the other hand, is where people go in search of adventure and new experience, for hiking and exploring natural wonders, to absorb the culture and try the cuisine. But Eastern Europe and spas are actually a great combination – there are loads of new and old spas in Easter Europe that can offer you the same luxuries as any other spa in the world, and most of the time for much less money. Here are some of the best Eastern European spa destinations.

  • Crossing the Atlantic – top 5 cruises

    In the golden days of boat travel, at the beginning of the past century, crossing the Atlantic could be an utterly luxurious experience for some, and completely miserable for others, of course. But those who had the money and the means to secure a high-end cabin on a passenger liner could look forward to weeks of luxury, complete with elegant dinners, cocktail parties and all that jazz. Nowadays, crossing the Atlantic is less popular (thanks to fast planes), but there still are some cruise lines that provide Atlantic crossings for those who feel some nostalgia for the days when crossing the ocean was about glamor (for some). Here are some great ways for crossing the Atlantic – top 5 cruises.

  • The most amazing travel destinations in Finland

    Santa's village in Rovaniemi, photo by Ulla

    If you don’t have anything against a bit of cold weather, then Finland is probably one of the best places to live in Europe. This Scandinavian wunderkind has large expanses of unspoiled landscape, with scatterings of modern, organized and pretty towns and cities. You can drive for hours and hours in Finland without encountering a single soul or human settlement, but probably not without encountering a lake (which make up about 10% of the country). This is the country of Santa Claus, of saunas and civil rights, and in general, nothing like any other countries in Europe. Here are some of the most amazing travel destinations in Finland, which will hopefully convince you to visit this magical country.

  • Camping gear 101: a guide for first-time campers

    photo by Katie Brady on Flickr

    Camping is a fun and eco-conscious way of exploring natural spots and forming a closer relationship with nature. But as much as making s’mores, getting lots in the woods or catching your dinner might be, organizing a camping trips is nothing if not strenuous. After all, if you are camping wild, you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere and without the possibility of borrowing from someone that flashlight that you forgot to bring. And even if you’re staying in a designated camping site, it’s no fun when you don’t pack everything you need and you can only look on with envy astyour camping neighbors’ belongings. So if you are a first time camper who doesn’t quite know what to pack, here’s an introduction to camping gear 101: a guide for first-time campers.

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