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  • The weirdest desserts in the world and where to eat them

    Deep-fried Mars bar, photo by audrey_sel

    The world is full of bizarre and often unexpectedly tasty foods that you can find when you travel, but savory dishes are not the only ones that your palate might find appealing. If you’re not quite ready for fried tarantulas or other assorted oddities, maybe starting with the dessert is not a bad idea.

    Having a sweet tooth will usually be enough to get you though a portion of dessert, but your taste buds should expect to be surprised in any case. Here are some of the weirdest desserts in the world and where you can eat them.

    Martabak, Indonesia

    Martabak are Indonesian pancakes that can be practically found anywhere in the country, from restaurants to street stalls. Martabak can be filled with a variety of fillings, savory or sweet, from tame chocolate sprinkles, ground walnuts, and banana, to downright outlandish seeming combinations like chocolate and melted cheese. The choco-cheese martabak certainly sounds weird, but it is surprisingly delicious.

    Tavuk gö?sü, Turkey

    Most people wouldn’t think of chicken as something you put into dessert, but that’s not the case in Turkey. Although there are plenty of Turkish desserts that anybody can enjoy, it might tale a bit of determination to bite into tavuk gö?sü. This pudding is made with milk, sugar, cinnamon and chicken breast. It doesn’t taste like chicken though – more like blancmange or rice pudding.

    Aletria Doce, Portugal

    Noodles as dessert are not unheard of of – in many parts of Eastern and Central Europe people eat noodles topped with sweet fillings for dessert. But by far the most interesting noodle dessert is made in Portugal. Aletria doce is very similar to rice pudding, but instead of rice it uses noodles. The dessert is topped with powdered cinnamon and sometimes garnished with berries.

    Deep fried Mars bars, Scotland

    Almond tofu, photo by avlxyz

    Scotland has quite a few delicious and perfectly acceptable desserts like puddings, cakes and biscuits, but the deep fried Mars bar is not one of those.

    Any health-conscious traveler to Scotland will avoid this treat like the plague, but although it sounds unappetizing, the Mars bar in batter, deep fried and half-melted is delicious.

    Halva, India

    This sweet (halva literally means sweet), will not only fulfill your sugar craving, but also help your vitamin intake, because this traditional desert has some veggies in it too. Halva is a polenta-like dessert made with semolina flour and ghee, with the addition of carrots, beans of chick peas.

    Almond tofu, China

    Tofu, scorned by meat eaters around the world, is a staple is Chinese, Japanese and other Asian cuisines, and it is used as an ingredient in sweet dishes as well as savory. Almond tofu is popular in China, Singapore and Taiwan, and it can be found even in powdered version. This creamy, thick tofu and almond mixture is really a treat for the sense.

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