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  • Top 5 Iconic Soccer Stadiums

    Since the soccer fever is getting more and more intense with every day that brings us closer to the big final, we figured you would like to find out more about the sport that has conquered a whole world (with the exception of USA and Canada maybe, but USA seems to be making real progress).

    Even if you are not a soccer fan, it is impossible not the get goose bumps when seeing a crowd of 100000 people who seem to be feeling and acting alike.  Although there is a clear hierarchy of the world’s biggest stadiums (and many of them can safely be considered as architectural marvels), this is not why we are here. During the long history of football, some stadiums seem to have gained a place in the hearths of both football players and supporters.

    All the following stadiums are more of less enjoying their iconic status, so whenever you visit their host cities, make sure you reserve a couple of hours for an exciting game (nobody wants to see an empty stadium, after all).

  • Famous Restaurants and Bars from the Movies

    There comes a time when even the most passionate traveler gets bored of sightseeing and tries looking at things from a whole new perspective. But when the most sought-for attractions become depressingly familiar, the best thing put your X-ray vision at work and try to guess the story behind the monument.

    Strolling along the buzzing streets of London, New York or Los Angeles might represent a pure pleasure, but you must be aware of the fact that each of the places you walk by has its own story to tell. This is how you’ll find out that numerous neighborhood bars that people hardly notice have actually reached VIP status after being the filming location of some famous movie.

    So what I was actually trying to tell you is that when you get tired of visiting all the exhibitions and museums, just sit town at some famous restaurant’s table and try to pretend that you are some Al Pacino or Meg Ryan from the movies. It will surely let you relax and experience a whole new side of the respective city. Today I bring you five of the most famous bars from the movies:

  • Top 5 Coolest Science Museums in the World

    Geeks and science buffs of the world, your time has come. During today’s post I will try to present you five of the most interesting science museums in the world. These world-class museums are famous for using innovative technologies in order to explain the unexplained and help common folks like us understand the mysteries of science.

    Even if you find science classes to be unbearably boring, try not to miss the following museums: they are not only bustling with interesting information, but can be highly entertaining. As some of these amazing museums are only a few-year’s old, we might as well call them the museums of tomorrow:

  • Amazing Earth: Tasmania

    Just try to imagine traveling the same distance like between Los Angeles and Denver in one direction and reaching the shores of Antarctica, while if turn the other way and go for 300 miles, you will find one of the most arid deserts in the world. Here, between the hot Australian desert and the frozen wilderness of the South Pole lies one of the most interesting islands in the world: Tasmania.

    Many of you might have heard about this small Australian state named Tasmania from the famous cartoon depicting a Tasmanian devil named Taz. Although this endemic animal is for Tasmania just what the kangaroo is for Australia or the kiwi for New Zealand, its proverbial ferocity is just one small aspect of the island’s amazingly rich wildlife. During today’s post, we will try to focus one some of the aspects that make Tasmania such a an amazing place.

  • Volunteer Travel – Experience Cultures and Make a Difference

    There is nothing cooler than having a gap year between high school and university or between university and life. Possibilities are endless and, I know, spending a year on daddy’s luxury yacht, consuming an astonishing amount of alcohol may be very appealing. But why that, when you can go to some place where you can make a real difference?

    Go volunteering, see the most exotic countries and have real interaction with real people. Don’t get me wrong, waiters and hotel managers are also real people, but then again that might not really give you true insight into what life in a different country is like … let’s just say staying at a 5 star hotel may give you a distorted picture of the place you are at.

     Take a backpack – not a very big one -, put in the necessary, only the most  essential pieces of travel gear and choose a place that you are interested in and then look for organizations that offer volunteer programs?  It’s about your experience there and what difference you’ll be able to make. There are plenty of these:  long term and short term programs from China to Madagascar, whatever and wherever you want!

  • Musical Capitals of the World



    During today’s post I will invite you to a musical (and, unfortunately, virtual) tour of the world. If you ever wondered what the world’s hottest places to experience contemporary music are, then here is your answer.

    However, in case you expected Seattle, Ibiza or London, well… think again. Music is the kind of discipline where perpetual innovation and reciprocal influences are the key to success. Following the history of music, we can easily observe how different cities have served as artist playgrounds in different time periods: take Vienna, Liverpool or Seattle for example. For all the music lovers and wannabe musicians out there, here is a short list of the world’s trendiest music capitals:

  • Top 5 Attractions in the Middle East

    A trip to the Middle East is in many cases like a journey to a parallel universe or a travel back in time. Delicious sweets, delicate minarets and lively bazaars are only a small part of what the Arabic world has to offer. People often tend to forget that the Arabian Peninsula is the real cradle of civilization: at the crossroads between Asia, Europe and Africa, once rose the greatest cities of the Antique World, long before the Greeks, the Romans and even the Egyptians.

    Many Middle Eastern capitals are simply remarkable: they have temples, ruins and monuments that are older than everything else in Europe, plus that cosmopolitan touch that makes them so vivid and unique. Here come five of the Middle East’s best attractions:

  • Most Unusual Buildings in the World



    Architecture is not always about the beautiful or the monumental: there are many buildings around the world whose architects seem to defy all rules. If you are an oddity aficionado, then the good news for you is that you will be able to spot weird and unusual constructions in every corner of the world.

    You don’t even need a travel guide or some sort of special skills in order to locate them: they simply pop out of the scenery. And while some of these strange and daring creations have reached landmark status (I’m sure that no one saw the Eiffel Tower or the Bilbao Museum as the right construction at the right place when they were first inaugurated) some remain plainly weird. Today’s post will mostly deal with this latter category:

  • Desirable and Avoidable Destinations for the 4th of July Weekend

    With less than two weeks till Americans citizens world wide will celebrate their national day, it’s high time we decided where to take our families for this very special day.

    Two weeks might be a much to shorter time for grabbing some advance-purchase bargains, but with a little patience and research, it’s almost certain that you can find the kind of destination that can fit you pocket and match your tastes. Today we decided to give you a few tricks on how to avoid the 4th of July rush and rest assure that you get the best out of this patriotic holiday.

  • Most Walkable Cities in the World



    The 21st century seems to be one of fast and affordable travel. However, walking is still the most reliable means of transportation when it comes to sightseeing. To count just a few of its advantages: first of all, it is totally free; it gives you access the most hidden corners; you can see everything at your own pace; and. very important, it keeps you fit.

    Of course, there is always the risk that you get soar feet, but this is merely a disadvantage in comparison with the plenitude of your experience. Fortunately for walkers, the world still has enough places that are almost entirely hiker-friendly:

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