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  • Famous Restaurants and Bars from the Movies

    There comes a time when even the most passionate traveler gets bored of sightseeing and tries looking at things from a whole new perspective. But when the most sought-for attractions become depressingly familiar, the best thing put your X-ray vision at work and try to guess the story behind the monument.

    Strolling along the buzzing streets of London, New York or Los Angeles might represent a pure pleasure, but you must be aware of the fact that each of the places you walk by has its own story to tell. This is how you’ll find out that numerous neighborhood bars that people hardly notice have actually reached VIP status after being the filming location of some famous movie.

    So what I was actually trying to tell you is that when you get tired of visiting all the exhibitions and museums, just sit town at some famous restaurant’s table and try to pretend that you are some Al Pacino or Meg Ryan from the movies. It will surely let you relax and experience a whole new side of the respective city. Today I bring you five of the most famous bars from the movies:

    Mulberry Street Bar, New York

    Was it the unpretentious decorum, retro charm or its location in the core of New York’s Little Italy district the reason why Mulberry Street Bar became a recurrent theme in famous gangster movies? Established in 1908, this venerable bar finds it hard to keep up with all the famous movies that were filmed here: ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Donnie Brasco’, ‘Godfather III’, ‘Kojak’, ‘Law and Order’, ‘9 ½ Weeks’, ‘Men of Honor’ etc.

    Cafe de Deux Moulins, Paris

    Unlike the above mentioned Mulberry Bar, Cafe de Deux Moulins  (gracefully located in Paris’s most bohemian district – Montmartre) only needed ‘Amelie’ to become famous. After the success of Audrie Tatou playing the gregarious and contageously romantic waitress Amelie, hundreds of tourists are now queuing to get a taste of the world-famous crème brulee.

    Nobu, London

    Nobu Restaurant in London is the kind of location that needs no further introduction than its name alone: part of the luxury restaurant chain owned by the much acclaimed chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu was a brilliant choice for reflecting the lifestyle of the rich and extravagant Anna Scott, in the 1999 romance Notting Hill. Not to mention that master Nobu himself has played in movies like ‘Austin Powers’, ‘Casino’ or ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’.

    Coyote Ugly, New York

    Although it may not be the place to take your family out for dinner, Coyote Ugly has definitely become a name on the list of popular NYC strip bars. There was a special something about that ‘Coyote Ugly’ movie that has lit the imaginations of both aspiring rock stars and striptease fans alike, and the New York bar has been a hit ever since.

    New York Bar, Tokyo

    New York seems to be a favorite with movie makers, but the New York bar from Tokyo was famous even before Sophia Coppola chose it as a movie location for her brilliant comedy ‘Lost in Translation’. With Tokyo’s mesmerizing lights on the background, Scarlet Johanson seems more radiant that ever and Bill Murray even more puzzled.

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