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  • The Biking Amsterdam


    A typical canal street


    Biking in Amsterdam is not only a great experience, but it’s also practical. There are many advantages relating about biking in Amsterdam.

    First of all, you can access all areas of the city, where cars are forbidden. This makes the city much more enjoyable, eco friendly, and active. The parking in Amsterdam with cars is also an issue, but not for the bike. It is a common habit to see many bike rental centers at the Dutch capital.

  • Must see attractions in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong seen from above

    Hong Kong seen from above

    It’s hard to tell which ones are the best sights and attractions that you have to see as a tourist in Hong Kong and it is very difficult to give an accurate ranking. Everyone will have their own preferences in this city.

    The first two of the top 5 however are probably on the must see attractions in Hong Kong list of all visitors. After being here, everyone will be able to set up his own ranking. The short video below might also give some ideas.

  • A tour around Miami for gay travelers

    Fort Lauderdale

    Fort Lauderdale

    Shortly after sunrise, the mood is almost meditative on Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami’s most famous street. This is the calm before and after the storm. Directly behind the promenade palm trees are rocking the white sand beach under the blue sky, the image is like a postcard.

    At night you can go to one of the hundreds of various restaurants, trendy bars and exotic, exciting clubs, many of them especially for the LGBT community. So here is a tour around Miami for gay travelers, hope you will enjoy it.

  • Top reasons to visit South Tyrol



    South Tyrol is an area in Northern Italy that was part of Austria until 1919, so it is no wonder that culture here is as much Austrian as it is Italian. South Tyrol is technically a German speech area, but you can manage well with Italian too.

    This is the land of opposites. The peaks of Zillertali and Ötztali Alpes eternally covered in snow are just a few kilometers away from vineyards breeding wonderful South Tyrol vines. Hope this nice video and short guide will give you the top reasons to visit South Tyrol.

  • Switzerland – beautiful places and friendly people


    We have heard a lot of the punctuality of Swiss watches, we have also heard a lot about the chocolate, the banks, the mountains, the mixed culture, it is all Switzerland.

    The capital is Bern, but the largest city Zurich – both permanent guests on all ‘World’s most livable cities’ lists. But they are not the only places that should be checked out, the whole country is much like a little jewelry box full of gems everywhere you turn.

    The beauty of Switzerland is legendary, both the mountain landscapes and the cities, it is really magical, very clean and people – though a bit reserved – are really nice and polite. And if we are talking about beautiful places and friendly people in Switzerland, check out the below video that demonstrates that even the most harsh-looking fishermen can be very devoted when it comes to hospitality…

  • Responsible travel in Myanmar

    Myanmar with its beautiful architecture

    Myanmar with its beautiful architecture

    There are countless reasons to visit Myanmar, formerly called Burma. There are the majestic ruins of Bagan to consider, the surreal sight of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, a golden rock teetering on the edge of an abyss, you can shop for souvenirs in Mandalay and row on Inle Lake, and just let yourself drown in the mix of sights, smells, tastes and stories.

    But as alluring as all this might sound, Myanmar is also known for its human rights abuses, and a large portion of the international community (including hardcore travelers) choose to boycott the country despite its huge magnetism.

    Whether or not you decide to visit Myanmar is a question of personal principles, but if the attractions of the country prove to be too much to resist, responsible travel in Myanmar is not impossible, and here are some tips that might come in handy.

  • Mummy travel – top 5 destinations in the world to see mummies

    Capuchin Catacombs, ©dede85s/flickr

    Some of the most famous mummies in the world come from Egypt, and if you’ve taken a tour of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, you’ve probably seen quite a few of them. But mummies are not exclusive to ancient Egypt – there are tons of places around the world where it was the norm to mummify the dead.

    If you are interested in archaeology, anthropology, ancient cultures or simply want to see a very old dessicated corpse, then you can do that in several locations around the globe. Take a peek at what eternity looked like for the ancients, and visit some of the top 5 destinations in the world to see mummies.

  • The worst travel faux-pas one can make

    photo by kopretinka

    Traveling is not as easy as simply packing your luggage and going away to a distant place, and even if we disregard all the time and effort that goes into planning and booking, people can still be prone to all sorts of mishaps. Some of the worst mistakes can happen when you’re preparing for travel, but others (which are often far more embarrassing even if they don’t have any lasting effects) can happen while you are on the road.

    You can commit travel faux-pas especially if you are visiting a place with different customs and cultural norms that you might not be aware of. So in order to avoid offending anyone and putting yourself in an embarrassing situation, here are some of the worst travel faux-pas one can make.

  • China Travel Tips



    With a constantly revolving base, this mighty land is blessed with powers. It’s seemingly endless Great Wall, the legendary Terracotta Army, lantern villages; innovative cities add immense beauty to the country.

    If you plan to visit China, you are sure to enjoy the delicious cuisines, diversified culture, art & crafts and the love of the people. Travelling around here will let you discover so much but you can’t move on if you fail to have your travel tips on the list.

    Following are few details about China that can help you plan your trip wisely.

  • A glimpse of ancient Rome




    Rome has many attractions to offer and without a doubt it is one of the most fascinating places to visit. While the Colosseum, the Forum Romanum, St.Peter’s Church and many other fantastic places are incredible, today I got a glimpse of something more unusual.

    There was a Roman reenactment show going on at Circus Maximus. Gladiators, dancers, senators and many other actors had given the lively crowd an unforgettable spectacle. More than 1500 actors participated and showed scenes of Roman times.

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