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  • Gaylord Opryland Hotel – Spring Deal

    Nashville might not be the largest city in Tennessee, being outgrown by its fellow town of Memphis, but it’s still the capital of the state, thus has an important status and is a major crossroads of human transportation, on both air and ground. Now, if you’re ever going to set foot in this crossroads and need a place to bunk, we’ve got an awesome suggestion for you: the Gaylord Opryland hotel, on Opryland drive in the North Eastern part of Nashville (near the Nashville airport).

  • Five of the Best Beaches of the World

    Morro de Sao Paolo

    Morro de Sao Paolo by Aarron Foat/

    Ah, there’s nothing like a beach vacation in terms of relaxation, after several long months of work at the office. But getting a tan and laying in the sand might not be the only joy of visiting a beach and as each seaside experience will be different, we decided to try to round up five of the most beautiful beaches in the World.

  • Why We Love New York

    Visiting New York is one of the most impressive experiences that a traveler can go through during his or her lifetime and I’m not just throwing words around freely, as the millions of tourists that ever had the chance of stepping on new yorkean concrete will back up my claim. Regardless of where you go around the Globe, you’ll never really feel part of the world if you’re not going to experience downtown life, dug deep in a swirling hive of people, with urban walls made of stone and steel rising towards the sky.

    Now, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of travelling, seen some cool places and tasted some exotic cuisine – but how often to you get all of the above mixed in a single cocktail of traveler’s delights, served in a single place? Take a random stroll down town and you’ll notice that around every corner in NY, there are at least 5 different languages spoken and a handful of exotic restaurants that offer you the greatest variety of cuisines a traveler and fine diner would seek. 

  • Eating Fancy – The Parisian Way

    Being a long time fan of French cuisine and a regular of the French restaurants back home, finding out I would have the chance to fly to Paris meant I prepared myself and my stomach for a tour du force. Saying that I was in for a treat would be to undermine my experience, but let’s just say both me and my stomach left Paris with a smile (I know a stomach can’t smile, but if it could, it would after tasting French delicacies).

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