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  • Five of the Best Beaches of the World

    Morro de Sao Paolo

    Morro de Sao Paolo by Aarron Foat/

    Ah, there’s nothing like a beach vacation in terms of relaxation, after several long months of work at the office. But getting a tan and laying in the sand might not be the only joy of visiting a beach and as each seaside experience will be different, we decided to try to round up five of the most beautiful beaches in the World.

    1. Morro de Sao Paulo – Bahia – Brazil

    One of Brazil’s dreamy areas, Morro beach is actually a complex of four beaches, one and a half hours away from Salvador, Bahia. Each of the beaches offers something special and unique – the first is famous for its surfer activity and attractions, whilst the second is the place to be if you’re the party hardy type and have a soft spot for capoeira dancing (or is it fighting? Who can tell…). The third beach is a must see for all you divers out there, as a large, spectacular reef is minutes away from the shore. The fourth beach is quiet and splendorous, with lots of ponds formed by reefs, so it’s ideal for travellers that are looking for a relaxing beach experience. All in all, given its diversity and the multitude of touristic option it offers, Morro de Sao Paulo is truly one of the best beaches in the World.


    2. Daytona Beach, Florida

    Although lately people say that Panama City Beach is the best location for Spring Break, Daytona Beach remains a favorite destination for a beach lover, not necessarily a Spring Break buff. A strong point is that you can drive your car right there, on the sand, provided you mind some basic safety rules! And speaking of sand, there’s plenty of it on Daytona Beach – over 23 miles of hard packed sand! And you can almost be sure that you’ll find great weather both during spring and summer time here at Daytona. Swimming is also a great attraction, as waters are not deep at all for a significant part of the beach, so you can safely bring your kids along.

    3. Agia Kiriaki Beach – Greece

    Anyone care for an isolated beach with crystal blue waters and white sands, surrounded by grandiose rock formations due to volcanic activity which form together a unique scenery, post card fishing boats (but for real), a little comfy port with fairytale taverns and meals you’ll never taste anywhere else, invigorating and narrow streets? If so, Agia Kiriaki is the place to be in. Admittedly, it might be quite a fly away from the States, but boy, is that fly worth it.


    4. The Beaches of Mauritius

    Yes, it’s all the way in the Indian Ocean, but it’s so rewarding that you’ll soon forget the pesky hours spent on the plane with crying babies at your front and back and nagging old ladies at your sides. Once an active volcano, the island is a staggering display of rock formations that depict through their form the violence of an eruption. Yards away, an unreal beach line doubled in the calm blue sea by a reef barrier that goes all around the islands. And if you’re tired of the city, there are as many as 22 small islands in the archipelago that are mainly uninhabited and reachable by boat.

    5. Bells Beach Australia

    If you think you can surf (or you like watching it done by pros), well then, Bells Beach is the perfect place for leaving all your worries behind only to ride some tides for what they’re worth. This is the place that gave birth to the Bells Bowl, one of the most unique experiences a surfer can experience. Bells Beach is also the home of the Bells Beach Surfclassic, an event that dates back in the 60’s. The event is now known as Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival and takes place every Easter. It’s pretty close to Melbourne, so there’s really no reason to miss out on this beach once you’ve set foot in Australia. Just be mindful of the pesky Australian seasons, they tend to be out of touch with what the rest of the World are experiencing, weather-wise :)

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    mike wrote on December 24, 2010:

    I have a shark phobia. Are those beaches sharkfree?

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