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  • Why We Love New York

    Visiting New York is one of the most impressive experiences that a traveler can go through during his or her lifetime and I’m not just throwing words around freely, as the millions of tourists that ever had the chance of stepping on new yorkean concrete will back up my claim. Regardless of where you go around the Globe, you’ll never really feel part of the world if you’re not going to experience downtown life, dug deep in a swirling hive of people, with urban walls made of stone and steel rising towards the sky.

    Now, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of travelling, seen some cool places and tasted some exotic cuisine – but how often to you get all of the above mixed in a single cocktail of traveler’s delights, served in a single place? Take a random stroll down town and you’ll notice that around every corner in NY, there are at least 5 different languages spoken and a handful of exotic restaurants that offer you the greatest variety of cuisines a traveler and fine diner would seek. 

    Next on our “I *heart* New York” list is its nightlife and event schedule. You like movies? You won’t be able to count the festivals held here, from ethnic driven fests crowded in a café to the large scale New York Film Festival. You’re a fashion monger? You have the world famous Fashion Week, the place to be if Dior and Bulgari tuck you in every evening. And if you have some flash cash, don’t forget to storm the major shopping centers and take a few photos around The Fashion Walk of Fame situated in the mythical Garment District. I won’t even go too far into theaters, since it’s probably common knowledge that New York and its trademark theatre district of Broadway is the capital of this particular art genre.

    Oh and tell me if this sounds familiar: you have some strange demand at 2 AM and back in your home town you need to wait until the morning to satisfy your craving, be it thai food, the absolute need to buy nails or you simply feel like you need another pizza box for the collection. Rest assured, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen in New York! Diverse restaurants, DVD and clothes rentals, and pretty much any kind of store you can imagine are all are open all night long so you can enjoy what you want when you want.

    Although being an urban paradise, with a inimitable architecture and abundant quantity of gorgeous buildings, New York has a incredible green reserve in which you can kick back and relax. You have Central Park, where 25 million people come every year just to take a stroll in the green heart of an urban landscape and trust me when I tell you, there are lots of things you can see here. You can hop on a carriage and take a slow ride through the actual forests that are hosted in the park. Lakes and ponds are everywhere, not to mention lots of statues, representing exponential historical figures like Christopher Columbus or Simon Bolivar. If you’re in New York for the summer, visit Central Park and relax watching the “Shakespeare in the Park” festival or the “Summerstage” music festival, they’re ace.

    Looking up from the street at the skyscrapers and office buildings of the world’s greatest companies, you might feel a tad small. But just take the fancy elevator of the Empire State building (after waiting in line for a couple of hours with the rest of the drooling tourists) and suddenly NY looks different. Still fabulous, rest assured, but you’ll get a whole new sense of what this city truly is. This is the tallest building in New York and offers a great view on the whole city. Facts say that on a clear day one can see 80 miles away from the observatory on the 86th floor. That’s 1,454 feet high, by the way.

    Lastly, if you want to feel like you’re the center of the world (and you do, because you’re in NY) take a stroll down Times Square, also known as The Crossroads of the World. Here is where the biggest businesses are planned down and street performers impress you with their art. There’s no distinction of race, color, language, nationality or religion here. In Times Square, everyone’s a new yorker and that’s why everyone ever walking the concrete paths of the city falls in love with it and feels right at home from day one.

    If you share our love for the Big Apple and planning to travel there in the near future or just looking for some info on the city, you might want to check out our New York Travel Guide.

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    I like the tasty chicken food in Chinatown for one dollar the portion

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