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  • How to get a free vacation to Hawaii

    Next week I am off to a vacation to Hawaii – for free!  Yes, a round-trip flights from Boston to Maui, and Kaanapali Shores Hotel, 7 nights, all free of charge!  And because I am using Travelgrove’s Frequent Flyer Center, I could monitor my miles and earn elite status, so we are sitting in Economy Plus.

    What would you say to a free getaway like mine?  Or if not a free trip, a free upgraded to business class while you pay for economy?  If you use Travelgrove’s Frequent Flyer tool, you can do all that very easily . Visit the new Frequent Flyer Tool (bookmark the page!) 

  • The best movie beaches in the world

    photo by Mr Bullitt

    I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of movies where the protagonists are lounging on exquisite, sandy beaches ringed with palm trees, tanning and sipping dainty little cocktails. And while many of these beaches just seem too good to be true, they were filmed in real locations, and camera work can do little to completely change the way a place really looks like.

    So, good news, because that means that you can visit the exact same beaches that you saw in your favorite movies, even if they (usually) come without the requisite celebrities. So here are the best movie beaches in the world.

  • The 5 best wedding locations in the world

    So you’re both hardcore travelers, and since weddings are usually considered the happiest day of one’s life, you decided to make it even happier by doing what you really love: traveling!

    Finding a destination that would make a good place for a wedding is quite difficult, considering that it has to be accessible (unless you don’t plan on inviting too many people to your wedding), reasonably cheap and interesting too. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get married in a small chapel or just an abandoned beach, the important part is to have fun. So here are the 5 best wedding locations in the world.

  • Top 5 hottest nightclubs in Toronto

    Toronto during night

    Toronto during night

    If you have explored all the nightlife centers in the the US and you can’t think of a new place to go and have some fun, why not head to the Canadian capital? Toronto is chock full of hot nightclubs, and regardless of what type of music you usually listen to, you’ll definitely find the right place for you.

    From laid-back joints with indie music to swanky, upscale locales where they serve dainty cocktails, there’s a huge variety of nightclubs in Toronto. The Clubland area and the fashion district on Queen Street West and King Street are packed with the newest and hottest clubs. So here are the top 5 hottest nightclubs in Toronto.

  • Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world

    Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays in the US, but it is celebrated in many parts of the world. Different customs and traditions are linked to Valentine’s Day in different countries, but one thing that never changes is that people always try to express their love.

    February 14 is all about chocolates, Valentine cards and romantic dinners for the American people, but aren’t you curious how this holiday is celebrated around the world?

    Maybe you’ll find a country where there’s a tradition that you just can’t live without – and maybe even plan a trip for Valentine’s Day and celebrate it in the local style. Here are some Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world.

  • The biggest Mardi Gras carnivals outside the US in 2011

    There are still a couple of months to go until Mardi Gras, but when it comes to one of the biggest parties of the year, it doesn’t hurt to start planning in advance. Especially if you are thinking of seeing how folks in other parts of the world celebrate Mardi Gras.

    The New Orleans festivals is iconic, but what happens in other cities on March 8, 2011. At its origins, Mardi Gras was (and still is, for many people), a religious holiday, so decadence is not usually a part of Mardi Gras festivities in some places.

    But whatever your inclinations, there are surely some places around the world where they celebrate Mardi Gras just the way you’d like. Here are the biggest Mardi Gras carnivals outside the US in 2011.

  • Top 5 islands in Europe



    When someone decides on an island holiday, they usually think of some tropical island in the Atlantic of Pacific, but rarely anything located in (or in the vicinity of) Europe. However, Europe has quite a few islands, and many of them are overlooked in favor of their more exotic counterparts. European islands range from the sunny, with lots of beaches, to the wild and windswept. Whatever you prefer, there’s definitely an island in Europe that you’ll just adore. So here are the top 5 islands in Europe.

  • Top 5 nightclubs in Detroit



    Detroit is one of the most rapidly modernizing metropolises in the US, and if you want to visit a city that managed to find the perfect combination between historical landmarks, endless shopping opportunities and world class museums and theaters, there’s no better destination than Detroit.

    And while sightseeing and cultural activities can keep you occupied during the day, there’s no shortage of things to do at night. Detroit’s vibrant nightlife scene has quite a few pleasant surprises for tourists, regardless of their taste in music or clubs. Here are the top 5 nightclubs in Detroit.

  • Basic tips for a great cruise

    Cruises are becoming incredibly popular, and cheaper by the day. Nowadays you can go on a cruise even if you usually stick to budget traveling, especially if you have the good fortune of finding a deal.

    Cruises are unlike other vacations because their only focus is on pure and utter relaxation, and not much else. If you want adventure, a cruise is probably not for you, but if all you want is to lounge on deck with a good book and some tanning lotion, you’ll be in heaven. Good cruise deals are easy to find, but before you embark on your first cruise, there are a few things you should know. Here are some basic tips for a great cruise.

  • Backpacker’s Guide to Donegal

    Ireland is just one of those countries that in many ways are perfect for backpacking. It is small (so no really long distance travel), picturesque ( with its green rolling hills, tiny colorful villages, breath-taking coastline and countless historical attractions), what more could a backpacker want?

    Donegal is the northermost county of Ireland, and the locals sometimes call it the forgotten county, because its relatively small number of tourists, and worse economic conditions than the rest of the country. But the non-touristy aspect can be a good thing, especially if you want to see places that others might have overlooked. Here’s a short backpacker’s guide to Donegal.

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