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  • Historical attractions in Snowdonia

    Snowdonia National Park in Northern Wales is not only one of the most picturesque regions in Europe, but also a great destinations for lovers of history.

    The beautiful natural landscape is the perfect backdrop for the dozens of historical attractions in Snowdonia. Between all the the hiking trails and nature walks it is easy to forget that the Snowdonia region is steeped in history.

    Some of the attractions seem as old as time, but there are also some sites of a more modern variety too. Here are some of the historical attractions in Snowdonia.

  • Basic tips for backpackers

    Taking a backpacking trip can be loads of fun, especially when you’re a newbie backpacker. But like all travels (and even more so than a regular trip), backpacking can be unpredictable, and it’s better to be prepared than finding yourself at loss somewhere far away from home, with only the contents of your backpack to get your out of trouble.

    Backpacking is a great alternative for those who want a bit of spice in their travel experiences, and despite the sometimes shabby accommodation, lots of physical effort and maybe a few blisters, backpacking is educational, adventurous and cheap, so here are some basic tips for backpackers to ensure that it stays like that.

  • Best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world

    St Patrick’s Day is the Irish holiday, and even if you don’t have a drop of Irish blood in your vein, you should celebrate it! Why? Because it is not just an opportunity to wear green and drink beer, but also a day when the most exciting and parades take place not only in Ireland, but the US as well.

    St. Paddy’s Day bashes are many and varied, but it takes the luck of the Irish to find the best ones. So if you want to be sure that you’re not left out of the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world, take a look at our list.

  • 10 tips for pet travel

    photo by simon_music

    So you have a little animal friend that you don’t really want to be separated from during your holidays? Luckily, there are more and more opportunities for pet travel nowadays, so you can spare yourself (and your pet) from the bother or finding a pet-sitter.

    However, pet travel can sometimes be difficult if you don’t know what to do. Making your pet comfortable during a potentially long trip, finding pet-friendly accommodation and destinations takes a bit of research. So for all the pet-loving travelers out there, here are 10 useful tips for pet travel.

  • 10 things you didn’t know about Puerto Rico

    Like with all popular holiday destinations, Puerto Rico has a ready-made image that even people who haven’t visited it yet know about. When you think Puerto Rico, you think great beaches, sizzling nightlife and lots of parties, but there’s much more than that to it!

    Puerto Rico is a country with a personality of its own beyond the touristy first impression, and there are lots of quirky facts about it that will make your stay more interesting. So here are 10 things that you didn’t know about Puerto Rico.

  • Top 5 hotels for Super Bowl 2011

    photo by MahangaThe countdown for the biggest sporting event of the year has begun! There are only a few weeks left until Super Bowl, and if you’re attending, I’m sure you can hardly wait. Many football fans travel for hundreds and even thousands of miles to see the game.


    We still don’t know who will be playing, but seeing as it will be either the Jets or the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Green Bay Packers or the Chicago Bears, the game is guaranteed to keep you glued to your seats with excitement. And if you decide to see the Super Bowl at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, you should book a hotel room while you can still find any. Here are the top 5 hotels for Super Bowl 2011.

  • Top 5 indoor waterparks in the US

    If you live in a place where it doesn’t really get cold in the winter, you are one of the happy people who can go to the pool or to the seaside any time of the year. But if you happen to live in a temperate climate, you will have to abandon your outdoorsy swimming habits until summer comes.

    Luckily, indoor pools are nothing new anymore, and you can always retreat to the safe air-conditioned environment of the indoor waterpark and swim or splash to your heart’s content. Here’s a list of the top 5 indoor waterparks in the US.

  • Where to celebrate Mardi Gras in 2011

    photo by Infrogmation

    The winter months are full of interesting festivals, which is just as well for those travelers who are not the adepts of winter sports and outdoor activities in January and February.

    And if we’re speaking of festivals, we can’t possibly forget the explosive Mardi Gras, originally a religious holiday that blew out of proportions (in a good way) and now qualifies as one of the most intense, colorful and massive festivals in many parts of the world. Mardi Gras celebrations start on the Epiphany and end a day before Ash Wednesday, which leaves you all the time between January 6 and March 8, 2011 to celebrate (but most of the largest parades are on March 8th). Here are the top spots to celebrate Mardi Gras in 2011.

  • Top 5 Valentine’s Day Destinations for 2011

    Laguna Beach

    Laguna Beach

    There little less than one month until the most romantic holiday of the year, so if you have a significant other (and even if you’re single!), how about planning a short holiday?

    Since February 14 falls on a Monday, a weekend trip would be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s, even if on Monday you have to get back to work. So surprise your significant other with a trip to a romantic destination, or grab your friends and take a singles’ holiday anyway. Here are the top 5 Valentine’s Day destinations for 2011.

  • Customs and traditions: Famadihana ceremony in Madagascar

    When you go to a foreign place, sightseeing is sometimes not enough if you want to learn about the place’s culture, or how the people there live. Visiting during a festival or a celebration of any kind can bring out the best in any destination.

    You’ll still be able to visit sights, but you’ll also have the backup option of participating to an important event in the lives of the inhabitants, and learning about their customs and traditions. And if you’re in Madagascar, you might want to take a peek to how Famadihana, one of the biggest festivals in the country, is celebrated.

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