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  • 8 nights Milan and Lake Como escape for $2005

    Lake Como view

    Lake Como view

    This week we brought you the most amazing Europe vacation packages you an imagine to all sorts of beautiful destinations including Milan and Lake Como escapes for $2,005 per person. The 8 nights vacation packages include round-trip flight to Milan, airport transfer, car rental in Lake Como, 4 nights hotel in Milan, 4 nights hotel at Lake Como, breakfasts and taxes.

    If you prefer Greece, you can book an escorted, land only getaway from $909 per person, if you are a fan of Spain, you can get Barcelona escapes with air from $1,149 pp and if you want to see more of Europe, get a 6 city Eastern Europe vacation from $2,599 pp. Act fast, the best ones might be sold out in any minute!

  • Italy getaway – 3 cities under $1250 pp

    Venice view

    Venice view

    This week’s top Europe vacation deals include, among others, 3 city Italy getaways under $1,250 per person. This amazing 8 nights getaway includes a round-trip flight to Italy, mid-size rental car for your entire stay, 8 nights accommodation and a wine tasting at a castle.

    Not in the mood for Italy? That is impossible, but hey, check out 7 nights Ireland vacations in Dublin and a countryside villa, luxury Paris holidays – 4 nights from $2,022 pp with wine tastings or 6 nights Spain getaways from $1,825 pp. Hurry, these deals will sell out very fast.

  • 6 nights deluxe Italy vacations from $2108

    Colosseum in Rome

    Colosseum ©TheCreativePenn/Flickr

    Book one of the 6 nights deluxe Italy vacations our deal hunters have found this week. The price of the getaways starts from $2108 pp and it includes flight from NYC to Rome (return is from Venice), 6 nights hotel, breakfasts, ground transportation, Rome tour and taxes.

    With these Italy vacations you could visit Rome, Florence and Venice, but if you are more into some other Europe destination, you can go to Ireland for 7 nights from $1177 pp or to the best Greek Islands from $1649 pp among others. Act fast, these deals may sell out in a glance!

  • Top reasons to visit South Tyrol

    Vineyard and old fortress in South Tyrol

    Vineyard ©southtyrolean/Flickr

    South Tyrol is an area in Northern Italy that was part of Austria until 1919, so it is no wonder that culture here is as much Austrian as it is Italian. South Tyrol is technically a German speech area, but you can manage well with Italian too.

    This is the land of opposites. The peaks of Zillertali and Ötztali Alpes eternally covered in snow are just a few kilometers away from vineyards breeding wonderful South Tyrol vines. Hope this nice video and short guide will give you the top reasons to visit South Tyrol.

  • Save today: Fly from $68 US round trip

    This is Travelgrove’s Weekly travel deals collection, manually hand-picked by our deal-hunting editors. Act fast, the offers might be sold out quick!

  • The world’s weirdest shopping malls

    Bullring, photo by Ell Brown on Flickr

    If your tastes in architecture run towards the more classical styles, you can’t help but feel baffled by the turn that modern architecture is taking, and how everything built recently looks more and more like props from a sci-fi movie. But love it or hate it, today’s new buildings look really intriguing, and it’s ot that crazy to travel somewhere just to see the newest and weirdest masterpiece of an eccentric architect. Shopping malls have been around for a while, but they are no strangers to bizarre styles. Some malls might seem completely generic, just a place for shops to take up space, but others look completely out of this world. Here are some of the world’s weirdest shopping malls, for the viewing pleasure of travelers who like to see out strange things.

  • The best sailing destinations in the world

    Vietnam, Halong Bay, photo by Joseph Hunkins

    Around two thirds of the planet’s surface is made up of water, so if there ever was a great way to explore as much of its as possible, then it’s by boat. The uninitiated might think that sailing is much less exciting than traveling on land, but those who have sailed (and enjoyed it) know that a good sailing destination can be just as amazing as any tourist attraction on land. Like any sort of travel, the quality of a sailing trip depends on many things, including your destination. So if you are are just getting a taste of sailing, you should start with some of the best sailing destinations in the world.

  • The weirdest food festivals in the world

    Waikiki Spam Jam, photo by madmarv00 on Flickr

    Food festivals are happy occasions when foodies from all over the world can give into their cravings and stuff themselves full of all sorts of delicious things. Although most food festivals cater for your stomach and taste buds, some food festivals can be a bit strange, and either make you choke with laughter or show you the ways in which food can be used for various unorthodox purposes. Celebrate the weird side of food, either by eating it or just laughing at it, while attending some of the weirdest food festivals in the world.

  • Unusual table manner tips from around the world

    photo by Sergio Russo on Flickr

    If you were ever been constantly told to mind your table manners, especially when you’re at someone else’s place, you can forget this piece of advice when you’re traveling. In fact, being careful with dining etiquette is very important when abroad, but when you’re in a country whose culture is very different from your own, one of the first things you have to do if forget the dos and don’ts that you learned as a kind. In a foreign country, the food might not be the only thing that’s different – the way you have to eat it is also unexpected. So if you want to avoid looking like a barbarian next time you’re dining out in a foreign country, here are some unusual table manner tips.

  • The most picturesque lakeside towns in the world

    Bowness-on-Windermere, photo by foshie on Flickr

    If you love water, then as soon as the weather gets warm you will probably want to take a trip to the seaside and indulge in the joys of beach life: swimming, lounging in the sun, or doing some water sports. But beaches are notorious for attracting huge crowds, and let’s not forget about jellyfish, riptides, sunburn and other downsides. But if you’re not ready to give up on your plans of splashing around in the sun, why not choose a lakeside town instead as your spring/summer destination? Wherever there’s a particularly pretty lake, there will be a lakeside town as well, where you can find guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, etc. Spend your days swimming, sailing, hiking and doing other outdoor activities in some of the most picturesque lakeside towns in the world.

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