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April 10, 1969
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1. Harvard Yard - Boston, Massachusetts (added on Sep 19, 2011)
2. Tony Boloney's - Atlantic City, New Jersey (added on Mar 30, 2011)
3. Alaska Railroad Depot - Anchorage, Alaska (added on Feb 23, 2011)
4. UCR Botanic Gardens - Riverside, California (added on Feb 20, 2011)
5. Carnegie Museum of Natural History - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (added on Feb 15, 2011)
6. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - Saint Louis, Missouri (added on Feb 8, 2011)
7. Flightdeck Air Combat Center - Anaheim, California (added on Feb 5, 2011)
8. Episcopal Church of the Messiah - Santa Ana, California (added on Jan 26, 2011)
9. Diamond W Chuckwagon - Wichita, Kansas (added on Jan 23, 2011)
10. Bakesale Betty - Oakland, California (added on Jan 17, 2011)
11. Long Beach Museum of Art - Long Beach, California (added on Jan 5, 2011)
12. Robert's Western World - Nashville, Tennessee (added on Nov 13, 2010)
13. Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum - Memphis, Tennessee (added on Oct 25, 2010)
14. Bass Performance Hall - Fort Worth, Texas (added on Oct 23, 2010)
15. Indiana Medical History Museum - Indianapolis, Indiana (added on Oct 20, 2010)
16. Lindey's - Columbus, Ohio (added on Oct 18, 2010)
17. Boudro's Bistro - San Antonio, Texas (added on Oct 13, 2010)
18. Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe - Mexico City, Mexico (added on Oct 10, 2010)
19. National Palace in Mexico City - Mexico City, Mexico (added on Oct 8, 2010)
20. Strahov Monastery and Library - Prague, Czech Republic (added on Oct 4, 2010)
21. Getting Around in Venice - Venice, Italy (added on Sep 29, 2010)
22. Migabon Restaurant - Seoul, South Korea (added on Sep 29, 2010)
23. Florida Keys Eco-discovery Center - Key West, Florida (added on Sep 16, 2010)
24. Cuadra San Francisco Equestrian Center - Los Cabos, Mexico (added on Sep 16, 2010)
25. The Great Wall of China - Beijing, China (added on Sep 9, 2010)
26. The Hong Kong Park - Hong Kong, China (added on Sep 6, 2010)
27. Miccosukee Indian Village near Miami - Miami, Florida (added on Aug 16, 2010)

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