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  • Florence, Where the Medici Family Gathered Their Treasures

    Florence ©Francesco Caminiti

    Florence ©Francesco Caminiti

    Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi and the Dome – the whole Florence is a superb museum

    Those who view the city from the enormous lantern of the Dome are amazed by the charm of Florence. The tile of the roof seems to be made of velvet. Its roof is made of golden shade and the churches, squares and bridges appear as jewels of a superb necklace.

    The Romans named the settlement on the river banks of Arno Florentia ( the flourishing). Indeed, its name suited well: Florence flourished,  becoming wealthy and powerful, a center of an extremely able republic. In the 14th Century, many poor and disobedient wool spinning mill professionals participated at the very first industrial revolution from history, later on, Michelangelo sculpted the statue of David as a symbol of the republics prudence.

  • The Queen of the Adriatic.

    Dubrovnik ©Trish Hartmann

    Dubrovnik ©Trish Hartmann/flickr

    The Medieval Ragusa holds today the name Dubrovnik.

    The motto of Dubrovnik is ” liberty is not for sale not even for all the earths money” , but the locals also approves the words of the modern cynical Bernard Shaw ” The city is the paradise of earth”.

    Like a flower, the “pearl of the Adriatic” with its Italian architecture, lies at the edge of the sea, protected by its strong walls. During the Yugoslav wars, the Serbs bombarded Dubrovnik, and people from all around the world highly protested against the destruction of unique monuments. Nowadays the provoking destruction of the war were removed in full thanks to its workers great job and international funding, eventually coming back to its normal state.

  • 3 star Hotel Cozumel and Resort – All-inclusive for $59

    Hotel Cozumel Resort

    Hotel Cozumel Resort

    If you have been looking for a place for an affordable beach cheap vacation with high value, we have the solution for you. Book the Hotel Cozumel and Resort for $59 per night saving over 60% off of regular rates on this beachfront Mexico cheap hotel. 

  • The Glorious Acropolis of Athens


    The Acropolis, Greece ©Karl Baron

    The Acropolis, Greece ©Karl Baron/flickr

    The sacred mountain of Athena was once a cult center in ancient times.

    The chaotic and intense traffic in the center of city seemingly do not bother its locals. The motorcycles and horns do not have any effect for the numerous clients of cafes. Even agitated entrepreneurs who strains through the numerous crowd seemingly are not bothered. The Athenians continue to smile with a humble and good-nature personality in their continuously growing city.

  • 4 star Parador Resort and Spa in Costa Rica for $118

    Parador Resort and Spa

    Parador Resort and Spa

    Today our deal hunters have found you a hotel in one of the most magical places of the Caribbean. Book the Parador Resort and Spa and spend your holiday in the greenery of the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica for $118 per night saving now 40% off of regular rates. 

  • The Venerable Bologna

    Bologna ©Roberto Taddeo/flickr

    Bologna ©Roberto Taddeo/flickr

    The heightened towers and arcades of proud families expands to kilometers.

    Bologna la Rossa (the red one) gives you thoughts about the tiles of roofs, the colors of the houses, but also about the fact that the city was lead by the left wing policy for 50 years. It is also nicknamed la dotta (the scholar one) by those who are impressed by its education institute, one of the oldest in the world, founded in 1088. Others, dreaming about local cold meats like “la Mortadella” for example pork roasts, truffles, and the most important, the bolognese sauce.

  • The Gold and Silver of Seville

    Seville ©Noemí Galera

    Seville ©Noemí Galera/Flickr


    The capital of Andalusia is the symbol of classic Spain. 

    Seville is the most Spanish city out of all Spanish cities. Here lie the remains of Cristopher Columbus, it was this amazing place where all the stolen Incan gold was unloaded, here Murillo painted the too joyful faces of saints, and here also lived the imagination of writers like Don Juan. Corridors have a long tradition in the Andalusian capital and this is the only place in Spain where  every Spanish person celebrates Fiesta with lot of color and vibrancy.

    The big show takes place in Semana Santa when 57 catholic priests each one of them wear gigantic saint objects, with holy scenes from the church they belong to the cathedral and back.  The marching is practiced barefooted( with chains at feet and wearing crosses)  with drummers, and the people are also disguised as Inquisitors.

  • All-inclusive Memories Grand Bahama Beach Resort for $146

    Memories Grand Bahama Beach Resort

    Memories Grand Bahama Beach Resort

    A holiday on the Bahamas could be the perfect thing for you to forget about all the worries of the year that passed. Book the Memories Grand Bahama Beach Resort for $146 per night and save about 40% off regular rates if you travel on select dates through December 20 2015. 

  • The Lovely Life of Nice

    Nice with it's eye at the beach ©Thomas Leth-Olsen

    Nice with it’s eye at the beach ©Thomas Leth-Olsen

    Those with full hands throngs at the des Anglais Promenade. The old town is a bastion of gastronomy.

    A young couple watches from the balcony of Negresco hotel, situated above the Angels Gulf( Baie de Anges), enjoying the breeze, the sun and the luxury of the hotel with belle-epoque style, having a pink dome. The beach ends with a blinding white view.

  • Canada and New England Cruise with Carnival from $226

    Carnival Splendor cruise ship

    Carnival Splendor ©Paul Hamilton/Flickr

    It is time for our weekly cheap cruise deals, freshly found by our deal hunters, as usual. Today you can also book a week long cruise to Canada and New England for $429 per person. Sail the northern Atlantic seas aboard Carnival Cruises‘ beautiful ship, Carnival Splendor.

    Browse the table and find a week long Caribbean cheap cruise with $100 onboard credit with Royal Caribbean from $399 per person, 3 days cruise to the Bahamas with Norwegian from Miami for $199 pp and a luxury cruise of 18 nights with air to Tahiti and Hawaii with Oceania Cruises for $4,199 pp. Act fast, these cruise deals may sell out in a moment!

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