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Tudi is on a Mountain Dew diet. on Jun 5, 2009

February 20, 1986
Home town:
Cluj-napoca, Romania
countries visited:
Spain, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, United States
favorite places:
Valencia, Cluj-Napoca, Stuttgart

Native language:romanian Webpage: Occupation:SEO Consultant Slogan:We're all born in the gutter but some of us look to the stars. Description:I like pie :) 
Languages:english, french Eye color:green Hair Color:light brown Height:5'7" / 173cm Weight:174lbs / 79kg Smoke:sometimes Religion:agnostic Favorite cities:Valencia, Cluj-Napoca, Stuttgart Favorite books:The Count of Monte Cristo, Band of Brothers, Buzzmarketing Favorite movies:Shawshank Redemption, Jerry Maguire, Band of Brothers (series) Favorite music:rock, jazz, soul, techno/ house, hip hop, classical, rap 

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May 2
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1. A visit to Santiago Bernabeu stadium (added on Jun 23, 2009)

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