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  • The foodhiker’s guide to the galaxy: Siberia

    porcini mushroomsWelcome to the first article in our series “The foodhiker’s guide to the galaxy“, a collection of articles that will show you what to eat in which region and why. There are many reasons out there why people love traveling, and one essential one that many travelers share is food. Although, people will always argue about what restaurants to visit, we’ll give you a slightly different look into a foodie’s view on travel.

    Let’s face it, there is no such thing as the best or the most interesting type of food. Food is about lifestyle, an occasion, an emotion. A true foodie can enjoy street food just as much as some high end 5 star restaurant. Again, it’s about how you feel, where you are and what you are doing.  In this post, we’ll present to you an amazing experience which involves a crazy experience and some amazing food that goes with it.

  • Top 5 weird musems in the world

    Meguro Parasitological MuseumIt is a truth universally acknowledged that tourists must visit museums. Sure, museums are not the only reason for visiting a new destination, but nobody can deny that it’s pretty high on people’s the to-do-lists when they visit someplace new. It’s unimaginable that on your first visit to Paris you don’t visit the Louvre, or that you pass by the British Museum without sparing it a glance when you got to London for the first time.

    Serious museums like this are a must on any self-respecting traveler’s resume. But how about the other, less traditional but just as serious museums dedicated not to art or archeology, but other things, say, parasites? We mentioned the Meguro Parasitological Museum in Tokyo in a previous post, but if you think parasites are a weird thing to put into a museum, read on and let us surprise you.

  • Chocolate factories you have to see before you die

    chocolateNo matter your age, chocolate is one of those treats that you can’t (and don’t want to!) grow out of. If you’ve seen or read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I’m sure your mouth watered non-stop, thinking about all the chocolate that you can find in a chocolate factory.

    And while not all chocolate factories are as unusual and magical as Willy Wonka’s, visiting a chocolate factory is a dream come true for many of us chocolate-addicts. Here are some real life chocolate factories that you can actually visit.

  • The most bizarre dishes in China you may dare to try

    bizarre Chinese foodThe culture, architecture and natural wonders of China are reason enough to visit this country hundreds of times, but lets not forget another very important attraction of the place: the cuisine. You may think that Chinese food is available virtually in every part of the world nowadays, and that merely wanting to eat Chinese is not exactly a good pretext to go to China.

    However, authentic Chinese cuisine may prove to be a real surprise to your tame, westernized taste-buds. Chinese cuisine can be very surprising for someone who is not used to unusual ingredients, condiments and methods of preparation. But cuisine is such an important aspect of the Chinese culture that it would be a waste not try some of the more unusual dishes during your stay.

  • What to do and where to go on the Yucatan Peninsula

    Yucatan Merida BeachIf we were to define the Yucatan Peninsula in a rather simplistic and crass way, we could say that it is that part of Mexico where Cancun and the Maya pyramids are. Of course, saying something like this would be an insult to the complexity of the peninsula’s culture, heritage and people, but there is a grain of truth in it. Yucatan is straddling the border between the modern and luxurious (Cancun being the perfect example) and the heritage of the Maya ancestors, with a pinch of old colonial vestiges thrown in. These components make Yucatan a fascinating place, and much more than the sum of its parts. So here’s what you can expect to find in Yucatan, resorts and ruins notwithstanding.

  • Where to party in Bangkok

    Bangkok at nightBangkok has some amazing cultural attractions for the intrepid tourist: the Old City is full of palaces, temples and museums, and you’ll never be bored for a second during the day. But at night, when the ‘traditional’ attractions are closed, what can one do in the city? Well, plenty, seeing as Bangkok is probably the most cosmopolitan city in South Asia, and maybe even beyond. Not only is Bangkok the country’s political, cultural and economic centre, but also the place where you will find the most nightclubs, bars and pubs in Thailand.

  • Best cities in Madagascar

    Madagascar beach view

    Madagascar beach ©Frontierofficial/Flickr

    Madagascar is probably better known as the setting for the eponymous animation films than for anything real connected to it. Universally known facts about Madagascar: fourth largest island in the world, home to some unique species of plants and animals, former French colony. But what is unfortunately not very well known about Madagascar is that is has immense touristic potential, which is not entirely exploited by the country.

    Madagascar is not a tourist paradise where everyone goes out of their way to please tourists, because tourism is very underdeveloped. Most of the visitors are French, and many people come for eco tourism, but there are many aspects of Madagascan culture that are worth being explored. For example, here are some of the most visit-worthy cities on this amazing island.

  • British resort towns to visit this summer

    Brighton PierBritish seaside towns have an inimitable charm that probably goes back several centuries in time, when they were the favorite summer or winter retreats for the wealthy and affluent. Nowadays, the Brits prefer sunnier regions to their cloudy island, but since this summer is definitely going to be too hot, why not visit a place where you can cool down for a while?

    These former sleepy little villages rose to fame when the health benefits of salt water where discovered, and ever since they have been important holiday destinations for the British and tourists alike. So here are the most popular British seaside resorts that you can visit this summer.

  • The adventurer’s guide to Syria



    Perhaps not the most usual destination for your holiday, Syria is an amazing place with an amazing culture if you try to  get it to know better. Because of the unstable politics of the country and its poor human rights record, at the first sight Syria does not look like a place you’d care to spend too much time in.

    But the cultural heritage of Syria makes it one of the most accessible and unique Middle Eastern countries. Tourist attractions in Syria are many and spread all over the country, and despite conservative social norms, tourists are always welcome. So if you are looking for a genuine Middle Eastern adventure, get a taste of Syria’s magnificent sights, culture and cuisine.

  • Most beautiful palaces in the world

    Sans-SouciPalaces, the residences of royalty and nobility, have been built around the world for as long as human civilization exists. Palaces are always built in such a way to display the wealth and taste of the people who built it, and old palaces can always give you an insight into the mentality of its former owners. There are as many types of palaces as countries, even regions, and the best preserved, most majestic palaces today are great tourist attractions. Furnished or not, with towers, pavilions, gardens, palaces come in all shapes and sizes, what they have common is that they are great places to while away a few hours of your holiday. 

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